• Sweet Summer Dreams | Wordless Wednesday

    Mother Nature just won’t release us from a weather cycle of rain and thunderstorms.. the Talking Dogs take advantage of the A/C to do some serious afternoon napping.. Rosie, is dreaming of fresh dog cookies.

  • Motivation Mondays: WEALTH

    While many might immediately think of material things, the great sages and philosophers have always said that contentment is true wealth. When we add to that, the love of family, friends, freedom and…

  • Signals of a Good Marriage

    Mrs. Chatterbox and I have gotten along extremely well for the past four decades, but there is one area of friction. Like many husbands, I’m not particularly observant when it comes to doing things around the house.

  • A Girl Undone by Catherine Linka

    Linka has given us a dystopian world with harsh guidelines and rules. Those who do not cave to the rules are often killed or disappear with no one the wiser.

  • Event Extraordinaire: #BlogHer15 & #BBNYC In NYC

    From Wednesday through Saturday night, I attended two phenomenal conferences in NYC. Yes, two! I got to zip around Manhattan flitting from Blogger Bash offerings at Pier 60, to BlogHer15 offerings at the Hilton Hotel midtown.

  • Oops… Apology to our FB users

    I would like to apologize for being ignorant of the fact that although The Blog Farm – A Growing Blog Community​ has been uploading posts to our FB page all along.. they were only visible to me.

  • Kick off your weekend with Dog Song Saturday here at Talking Dogs. Named to the Rolling Stone magazine’s 40 Saddest Country Songs of All Time list, they note this song…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: HALF & HALF

    When I read the assignment for today, what struck me how things that create juxtapositions often tell a striking contrasting story that we might not always think about until we see the contrast…

  • The Dinner Party: Conclusion

    I stared at the sap seeping through the white paint on our dining room table and taxed myself to think of a creative solution. Maybe I could tell Aarone the sap was hashish and she’d smoke it…

  • Bean Salad

    This recipe is called bean salad because I vary the types of beans depending on what I have or what sounds good. I use garbanzos, white beans, kidney beans, black beans and even field peas like black-eyed peas.

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