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Suddenly, it’s Wednesday again and time for Friday Fictioneers (don’t ask, just accept it, we do) ~ Writers from all over the globe come together to submit their 100 word stories or poems, inspired by the weekly prompt sent out by our lovely purple leader Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  It is her birthday today so join me in sending her the warmest of birthday wishes.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROCHELLE. The photo this week comes courtesy of the lady herself, my story follows the photo. Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Genre: Fiction Word Count: ...

My Book is an Amazon Best-Seller

I’m kind of stunned that my book, which launched today on Amazon, is currently the #1 “New Hot Release” within the Religion & Spirituality category. I took a screenshot because I couldn’t believe it myself!  While it ain’t the New York Times or Wall Street Journal best-selling lists – I’ll gladly take it and give all the glory to God! It’s not too late to join the party, click the link below to get your copy plus more than 60 FREE bonuses!!! http://thedailyretort.com/faith/ I’ll ...

OT: My Hair. It is blue.

Yes, I got blue hues in my hair!  My bright blonde highlights are now darkish blue and the rest of my hair is blue black.  It's not permanent, but my birthday is soon, I'm going on vacation, and I felt like stepping out.  Even at 34, I still will manage to freak out my mother. Just because I'm leaving for the Outer Banks tomorrow doesn't mean I'll be absent from here.  I believe we have WiFi down there and the DH ...

Crossroads of Life - Change of Direction

Coming to the crossroads and making a decision... Just as people change with time, so must their blogs. Over the last year or so, since The Blog Farm began, it has gone through many changes, some good, some not so good. I guess that is a reflection on life itself, but as they say, change is good. During The Blog Farm's infancy it attempted to be all things to all people, providing a variety of blog articles regardless of content. Some would say ...

Memories of a French Christmas

Snow transformed the surrounding countryside into a magical white world This year we spent a magical Christmas in France with our daughter, hubby (SIL) and adorable baby granddaughter. The night before we arrived a heavy fall of snow transformed the surrounding countryside into a magical white world. It really set the scene for a perfect “White” Christmas. Their home was also transformed with an array of Christmassy decorations including a huge Christmas tree with twinkling fairy lights, glittering gold tinsel and ...

Oranges With Fresh Mint

Orange and Mint Salad Orange trees grow almost like weeds here in the Algarve, except when I try to grow one of course! However, driving through the Algarve countryside it grieves me to see the amount of oranges that are just left to rot on the trees or on ground where they fall – what a waste! Still, hopefully by Christmas I may have a few home-grown oranges of my own which will certainly not be left to rot. Always on the ...

Shedding the Facade

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of an online writing friend of mine, Eileen Knowles. According to Eileen, she prefers “The Scenic Route” in life – which also happens to be the name of her fantastic blog. Eileen loves to write,  run and consume copious amounts of coffee – just not all at the same time. She is passionate about leaving a legacy for her son and encouraging others along the way who might need a dose of hope and grace poured into their ...

The Mourning Widow

No need to be sad for this plant. The geranium phaeum (jur-AY-nee-um FEE-um) may have a somber name, but it doesn’t need any condolences. The name, Mourning Widow refers to the deep purple-black flowers it is known for, but colours can range from pure white to lilac to pink to purple. This clump-forming perennial is also characterized by its lobbed leaves with brownish spots. This delicate, yet hardy plant looks best planted in groups. It blooms small, flat, downward-facing flowers from ...

Happy National Women’s Friendship Day!

Today is National Women’s Friendship Day! It is a holiday created by the Kappa Delta Sorority in 1999 and is celebrated on the third Sunday in September. It’s a day to celebrate and acknowledge the special bonds of female friendship, which can be sometimes be taken for granted. While male friends/boyfriends/husbands are nice to have around, there’s nothing quite like having female friends. You can do girlie things together. You can share clothes and gossip! And a lot of times, it’s ...

How to Plant a Tree

We love trees! Trees add beauty and colour to the landscape. They also provide shade and shelter for creatures of all sizes. Moreover, they clean the air, and help alleviate soil erosion. Fall, with its mild temperatures, is a good time to plant trees, small shrubs and perennials. Whether you want a deciduous or coniferous tree, choose one that is suitable for your region and climate zone. Native trees are adapted to thrive without much care. Don’t forget to consider the ...

moon, moths & spiders...

I Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness.  ~Allen Ginsberg  ((if i had a music widget on here...there might be some 'dark side of the moon/pink floyd' playing...or maybe something a little more subtle & mysterious,  like 'midnight by golana'.))   oOo i always have so many pictures...it's hard to decide which ones to post. this time...the moon helped me to make the decision. moths and spiders! one night last week, this BIG beautiful moth was hanging on the porch...for hours. Polyphemus moth (giant silk moth)   that was  the second  Polyphemus ...

The Wedding – Secrets continued!

The Wedding I saw the potential of this painting as I was painting ‘Secrets’ and decided to develop that area of the painting into a separate picture.  Here is a photo of it as it appeared in ‘Secrets.’ ‘The Wedding’ as it appeared in ‘ Secrets’ I really liked this area of the work and saw that it had potential to develop into something in it’s own right.  In fact I would go so far as to say that it demanded to be ...

More Guinness World Record Flower Facts

Here at Fun Flower Facts, we love fun flower facts! It’s what our little flower blog is all about! You can learn so much on this blog, such as the history of flowers, unusual plants, plants that kill people, roses named after celebrities, and so much more! But nothing says “fun flower facts” quite like the Guinness World Records! The Guinness World Records is the ultimate place to find amazing, record-breaking facts! We did a Guinness World Records blog post back in ...

Flowers and Happiness: An Infographic

It’s a fact. Whether, you are the giver or the receiver, studies have shown that flowers really do make people happy! And we aren’t just saying that because we sell flowers at Grower Direct. There is just something so special about the power of flowers! Think about the last time you’ve receive flowers from someone or the last time you’ve gave flowers, and tell me that you didn’t get a warm fuzzy feeling all over! Flowers do make things better, especially if ...

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Laura - Marcie Brock

10 creative alternate uses for media releases

10 creative alternate uses for media releases

We’ve spent the last couple posts talking about media releases. First, we reviewed tips for writing a news release. Then we pointed out the fact that the better written a news release is, the more likely that some (or all) of it will go into a story verbatim. Here’s the thing. While newspapers are continue to crumble around us and social media is forcing traditional media to change and keep up – or die – there’s still a place for these conventional news releases. BUT, there are also much more creative uses for news releases, which is our focus here today.

Here are a few ideas for ways to change up your releases and/or new ways to use them:

  • Send your release straight to your fans/readers/mailing list, either as a standalone post or as an item in your regular newsletter. This will give them a new way to appreciate you, and let them feel like they’re receiving “insider” information.
  • Use the Twitter! Take your standard release and chop it into various sound bites. Stream those out to your Twitter feed (with a link to the full release) over the course of a day or two.
  • Distribute your news release as a Note on your Facebook page. Consider creating a special section on your Facebook page that serves as a catalogue/timeline of your news releases.
  • Write your release and then summarize it in one paragraph. Post the paragraph to your blog or website, with a link and contact details for further info.
  • Go the other direction and hang onto that original 4- to 5-page first draft of your release. Use this as a special report or promo piece about your book that you can send out when people request further information. Or save it as a free download for your membership site.
  • Add interactive elements to the media release with links to videos, MP3s, podcasts, surveys, apps, games, cartoons, or slideshow presentations.
  • Post your release on a news release distribution service. PRWeb.com is a fantastic service – the fees are generally worth every penny, but there are also free services that do a decent job as well.
  • Include your most recent media release(s) in your media kit.
  • Read up on other authors’ and publishing companies’ media releases for sources to interview for your blog.
  • Stay on top of others’ releases (at sites like PRWeb, Free Press Release, Online PR News, and PR Newswire) so that you can learn about projects and events in your community (or elsewhere) with natural PR tie-ins for your book.

Two bonus ideas from Brian Solis:

(1) One option is to write a concise, compelling release as if it was the story you’d want to read in the press. You should also include new media elements, such as integrated resource links, video, images, etc. (and lite social elements such as del.icio.us and Digg). This will enjoy greater success with journalists and readers in general and will most likely cost no more than what you already do today in terms of official wire distribution. Plus, it will carry valuable SEO benefits.

(2) Another option (or in addition to) releases is to create a dedicated blog-like platform for distributing information in a way that’s designed to reach journalists, bloggers, and customers. Blog platforms, by nature, are already socially-enabled, and feature integrated comments, RSS feeds, social bookmarking, trackbacks, tags, etc. It shouldn’t resemble a press release, nor a traditional blog, but it should provide what’s new in a conversational, informative and resourceful format – with disclosures of course.

The main point here is to get busy writing your releases! And then, use all the creativity you’ve got to distribute them.


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Laura - Marcie Brock

Marcie Brock is my alter-ego. She’s a savvy communications expert who will share with you everything she knows about marketing your self-published books. OK, then – who are you? Oh, me? I’m Laura Orsini, an editorial, marketing, and design consultant based in Phoenix, Arizona. I work primarily with socially conscious speakers, coaches, and authors interested in self-publishing their books. After years of working as an editor to help my clients get their books written and published, I started to notice that most of them had very little skill when it came to marketing these books they’d worked so hard to create. It was a natural fit to expand my services to include the marketing aspect. I now specialize in teaching my writers to think like marketers. I also incorporate enthusiastic expertise in the areas of communication, creativity, brainstorming, visualization, inspiration, networking, social media, and handwriting analysis into my work.

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