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Winey Chicken

This recipe is courtesy of Greedy Girl’s Diet: Eat yourself slim with gorgeous, guilt-free food with permission of the author, Nadia Sawalha I am always keen to try new recipes especially those which are filling yet with not too many calories. My biggest problem with losing weight is that I usually only have to look at food and I pile on the pounds! However, at only 211 calories per serving this recipe from the “Greedy Girl’s Diet” is not only low ...

The World Awaits Us

Mrs. Chatterbox and I try to plan one major vacation a year. Paying for these trips isn’t easy but we feel it a good investment in body and soul. Last year we were unable to travel to Egypt as planned because of all the political turmoil; we settled on Turkey, and now a year later the timing still doesn’t feel right to attempt Egypt. Mrs. C. and I have a few health issues that have convinced us that now is the ...

Good Intentions, bad results

How many of us has done something you thought would be so nice and work out wonderfully.  Today, I am posting a short story about a woman with good intentions.    You never know what will happen in this life.  Every action as a reaction.  I hope you enjoy the story. Good intentions Bad Results The Road to hell is paved with good intentions. Friday, April 16, 2010 is a red-letter day.  I have a new job, I live in my own condominium, my ...

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique…

“Every man and woman is born into the world to do something unique and something distinctive and if he or she does not do it, it will never be done.” Benjamin E. Mays Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique…Seattle EMP Museum Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique… Seattle EMP Museum This was a tough one for me to do because we can make the argument that everything is unique. Yet, from each person’s perspective, some things stand out a bit more than other things. I was quite ...

On Becoming a Blogger

Sam and Jackie in "Boss" When my first novel “Act of Redemption” was published in 2009, I had an uninteresting website, an empty Facebook page, and a Twitter account that had more unfollows than follows.  With zero experience in social networking, I sat like a paper napkin to absorb all types of money wasting promotions, spam accusations, all just to be disposed of when done with. The email from Google informing me that my site had zero visits didn’t encourage me either.  ...

Brought to you by the letter "C" - By Lisa Brandel

Ron asked me to be his feminine cycle and shoot around once a month to give you my good word. I can’t turn down the invitation to be a monthly pain (daily when I can get away with it) so here I am. Today’s post is brought to you by the letter "C" and let me explain why. I live in the central part of Ohio, in the United States. This year we hit record highs for summer temperature averaging in the ...

Free November 2013 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

Well, it’s a new month, which means it’s time to change up your desktop wallpaper! Here is a collection of FREE November 2013 desktop calendar wallpapers for you. Resolution is 1920 x 1080, which is perfect for widescreen monitors. To download, click on your favourite image. It will open up in a new window. Right click to save onto your computer. Happy November!

The Plantosaurus Rex Exhibit

The Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco, California is very proud of it’s latest exhibit The Plantosaurus Rex, and so they should be! The exhibit showcases 3 different periods the Triassic and Jurassic periods when plant life was rather boring and simple, devoid of colour but then it moves into the Cretaceous period and becomes a vivid kaleidoscope of colour as plants developed flowers & fruits. So why the big change in plants? Most scientists believe with dinosaurs and other animals ...

Boo! Meet the Ghost Plant

Scientific name: Monotropa uniflora Other Common Names: Indian Pipe, Corspe Plant, Ice Plant, Fairy Smoke The ghost plant is aptly named for its ghostly white appearance. The flowers are white because it does not contain any chlorophyll. It does not need sunlight for its development. Rather, the ghost plant is a parasitic plant; it gets its energy from the fungi from nearby trees. Adding to the eeriness and spookiness of the plant, the ghost plant lives in dark, shady environments. They can ...

So, You Want to Write Fiction

We All Get There Do you know what it takes to write fiction? Writing it down is the magic that sets everything into motion.  WRITE, WRITE, and WRITE, is the mantra  I have gathered from reading various “How To” books. It has been recommended you set a particular time daily to write. ”Force yourself to stick to a schedule.” is a quote out of Writing Fiction by Gotham Writer’s Workshop.   I personally write when I want to.  I do write something everyday, but ...

New Year, New Hue

Want a new year’s resolution that’s actually fun? Resolve to update your home or wardrobe with a splash of radiant orchid – Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014! Alluring, feminine and fresh – radiant orchid is a beautiful mixture of fuchsia, purple and pink. Add it to your home through paint, accent pieces or accessories. It pairs beautifully with deep greens, turquoise, teal and light yellows, and invigorates any neutral such as gray, beige or taupe. And because it blends both cool ...

A Romantic Proposal with A Dress Made with 9 999 Red Roses!

As cliche as it is, nothing says “I love you” quite like the red rose. If one single red rose can get our hearts aflutter, imagine what 9 999 roses can do! On February 2012, Xiao Fan, a man from Guangzhou proposed to his girlfriend, Yin Mi, with one of the most incredibly romantic and extravagant gestures ever! He definitely set the bar high for all the other men out there! He created a gorgeous custom-made dress made of 9 999 ...

Fun Flower Facts: Hollyhock

Scientific name: Alcea Hollyhock is a genus of 60 species of flowering plants native to southwest and central Asia, with many of the species reaching 6 feet in height! Along with its statuesque height, the hollyhock can be identified by its broad, rounded, hairy leaves and multiple big, showy flowers growing along a single stem. Cultivated flowers are available in shades of red, white, purple, pink and yellow. Flowers will bloom mid summer to early fall. The hollyhock is the quintessential cottage ...

Fair Isle Knitting and Color

I recently got a new book on Monday, titled Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting.  I highly recommend it if you are interested at all in giving Fair Isle knitting a shot.  Besides going through knitting basics and concepts, Starmore also discusses how the Shetland people of Fair Isle got their inspiration for their famed designs and colors;  from what's around them. Inside the book, there are photos rocky shores, flowers, boats, etc.  Each one has a Fair Isle pattern ...

Visit the authors blog by clicking on the link below!

Susan - The Wizards Word

11 Q&A

I’ve chosen (more or less) to be tagged by Monique, over at The Long and the Short of It  Below are my answers to her questions.

1) Lefty or Righty?

Right on!

2) The happiest time of your life is/was:

When I was a little girl and had not yet started school. My dad would be at work & I’d have my mom to myself all day long. We had good times together. Sometimes we’d visit my Aunt Franny, or go shopping with our best friends who were also our neighbors. I am still friends with them.

3) What is your earliest memory?

It was Valentines Day in…1961? Mom was taking me for a spin in my stroller when an elderly neighbors stopped us. He had a giant (for my small hands) chocolate heart for me. It was beautiful! The way the red foil sparkled in the sunlight; not to mention the smooth yet crinkly texture. I was mesmerized; turned it over and over again in my hands.

4) Most embarrassing moment (that you’ll admit to):

So many from which to choose! Farting on a first date is always a good one.

5) What makes you laugh out loud?

When people try to stuff WHOLE  Portobello mushroom in their mouths. Whole. It gets me every time!

6) Name one thing you would like to “fix” for all of mankind, be it a collective thought or gift to give:

If only we were all color blind…

7) Evolution or Creation?

Yes. I think that G-d is responsible for both.

8) Do you remember any of your high school teachers – who and why?

I was far too busy in high school to attend my classes.  What with smoking cigarettes (or whatever) in the adjacent park, lunching at  Tastee-Freez across the street, trying to look, feel, and act cool..who had time to actually go inside the school? Unless to powder my nose or cake on that 6th coat of mascara…The instructors are a dim memory. I do however, remember my kindergarten teacher. Her name was Miss Jamieson. She was very kind to me and stopped he other kids from making sport of the horrific case of separation anxiety. She was beautiful inside, and to me, outside as well. One day some kids were talking about how ugly she was & I went ballistic. That was they day I learned the difference between inner beauty, which matters, and so-called outer beauty, which does not. The lesson was forgotten during my teen years, obviously.

9) Who is your hero and why?

Vivian D. Mazur (my mom), Golda Meir and Benazir Bhutto. Gutsy, smart, courageous.

My Mom

Golda Meir

They are women who made a difference.

10) Can we make a “Better” tomorrow? How would you contribute?

Sharing. Everyone has something to share whether it be material, knowledge, a talent or gift.

11) Inn-ie or Out-ie?

Innit to win it!

Thanks Monique, this was fun!

To the first eleven people who visit my page, please answer the above questions, if  the spirit moves you. Enjoy!

Susan - The Wizards Word

I am a freelance writer who lives in the Hartford, CT area. I specialize in ghostwriting, editing, and SEO content writing.If I were not a writer, I'd probably be a linguistic anthropologist or a crash-test dummy.

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