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2013 Colour of the Year: Emerald Green Flowers

Pantone, the globally recognized authority on colour, has declared emerald green as the colour of the year. This rich, luscious and ever so elegant colour will be big this year in weddings, fashion, home decor, and more! The colour, as precious as the gem itself, invokes images of growth, renewal, harmony and prosperity.

From Boston Fern to Xanadu Leaf, there is no shortage of emerald in the floral world! Florists have been incorporating all sorts of greenery and foliage in their floral designs long before Pantone made the colour cool. Along with greenery, florists can use these emerald flowers:

Green Lady Slipper Orchid

green orchid

photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikemcd/

Ornamental Kale


Green “Trick” Dianthus

green dianthus

photo credit: cfabbridesigns.com


hellebore, green

photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/drriss/


ranunculus, emerald green

photo via Pinterest

Lesley - Fun Flower Facts

Lesley - Fun Flower Facts

I love flowers! I enjoy growing them, learning about them and I love creating bouquets of freshly cut flowers. In our climate where it’s winter most of the time the growing season is way to short, so I have started this blog to get my fix all winter!

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