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As with all things in today’s changing Internet landscape blogs have taken a back-seat to certain social sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. A paradox in which bloggers find themselves creating and publishing excellent content and enjoying the popularity of such work in the form of likes or friends but not actually sharing in any of the advertising profits.

It is our belief that those who have taken the harder road by creating their own sites or blogs will have a better chance of actually enjoying the fruits of their labor. It is to this extent The Blog Farm continues to expose and promote blogs and the bloggers that have created their own little niche in the Internet universe. Those dedicated individuals that forego the fleeting popularity of current social mediums for the long-term satisfaction found with the creation of their own blog.

The Blog Farm is dedicated to helping blogs grow! Bloggers gain infinite exposure for their blogs…

Visitors can enjoy wonderfully unique content provided by member blogs, locate blogs from multiple categories. view multiple blogs from one location, preview their recent posts or go directly to the blog by clicking the name or thumbnail image (direct-links).


Registered members gain infinite exposure with a free complimentary listing in the blog directory.

Syndicated members gain more exposure, recognition and link love, while expanding their blogs social network by using post syndication services. Archived posts continue to generate traffic for years to come. read more …

Featured member blogs gain maximum infinite exposure. In addition to the exposure from the directory and the exposure from post syndication, featured bloggers choose which of their posts get rotated on multiple banners throughout the site. read more …

Our advertising strategy? We believe using space for advertising takes away space for promoting member site. Why would we do that? The Blog Farm remains 100% advertising free!

“Networking is the door to successful blogging and active participation is the key.”

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