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The Blog Farm exposes and promotes blogs and bloggers by providing an open and free blog directory. All visitors can access the directory without registering, then easily locate and preview multiple blogs from one location and visit those blogs using multiple direct links.

The Blog Farm does not restrict this, in fact it is encouraged. Blogs receive a complimentary free listing within the blog directory for registering.

Get Listed In The Blog Directory

The Blog Farm averages over 275,000 page views per month as documented by our proxy server with CloudFlare which translates into well over 3 million page views per year. Many of these page views are accessing the blog directory so specific counters are used to track the actual blogs read.

So far today 528 visitors have enjoyed 912 wonderfully unique blogs. Last week 5587 visitors enjoyed reading 9598 syndicated posts. Since The Blog Farm started over 2 million syndicated blog posts have been read. The exact number is 2359222 by 1082869 visitors from around the world.

The Blog Farm provides additional exposure for blogs seeking new readers through post syndication. This is done by publishing selected posts from their blog on our front page for visitors to discover and enjoy. Over time these published posts will accumulate many reads and subsequently direct valuable traffic to that blog.

We call this infinite exposure… once the syndication period ends, as long as that blog remains active and maintains The Blog Farm tag, all published posts will remain in our archive, gaining additional reads and directing additional visitors for years to come, a great way to grow a social network using backlinks.

Gain Exposure With Post Syndication

Last but not least is how this all works.

Syndicated members gain more exposure, recognition and link love, while expanding their blogs social network by using post syndication services. Archived posts continue to generate traffic for years to come. read more …

Featured member blogs gain maximum infinite exposure. In addition to the exposure from the directory and the exposure from post syndication, featured bloggers choose which of their posts get rotated on multiple banners throughout the site. read more …

The Blog Farm remains 100% advertising free. That means no bots following you around showing you what you recently searched for using targeted advertising. It means no pizza ads popping up around lunch time. It means The Blog Farm devotes the site entirely to exposing and promoting it’s member blogs.

Our advertising strategy? We believe using space for advertising takes away space for promoting member site. Why would we do that? The Blog Farm remains 100% advertising free!

“Networking is the door to successful blogging and active participation is the key.”

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