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Designed to connect visitors with unique blogs using directory and article syndication. Members receive a complimentary listing in the TBF Directory.

The Blog Farm averages over 275,000 page views per month as documented by CloudFlare which translates into over 3 million page views per year. Many page views are accessing the blog directory so specific counters are used to track the actual blog reads.

Today 29 visitors have enjoyed 51 wonderfully unique blogs so far. Last week 3398 visitors read 6240 syndicated blogs. Visitors have enjoyed over 2 million syndicated blog posts since our inception. The exact number is 2516999 by 1192020 visitors from around the world.

The Blog Farm provides exposure for members through our directory and post syndication which is done through directory listings, publishing select posts from their blog, website or social platform and site, spotlight, highlights and banner promotions for our visitors to discover and enjoy. These posts accumulate many reads and subsequently direct valuable traffic to the listing.

This is infinite exposure… Even after syndication ends published posts remain in our archive gaining additional reads and directing additional visitors for years to come.

Last but not least is how this all works.

The Blog Farm directory listing provides long-term exposure for all blogs free of charge.

Syndicated members gain added exposure by having their posts published for our visitors to discover and enjoy while adding multiple backlinks which is great for page rank and SEO. Their listing in the blog directory is positioned at the front of the selected category.

Featured blogs gain maximum exposure by combining the benefits of directory listing and syndication with their most popular posts featured throughout the site.

Our advertising strategy? It is our belief using valuable space for outside advertising takes away space available for promoting our members. Why would we do that? The Blog Farm remains 100% advertising free! That means no bots following you around showing you what you recently searched for. It means no pizza ads popping up around lunch time. It means this site’s sole mission is to expose and promote blogs.

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