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A listing will remain in the directory indefinitely provided the site linked does not become inactive for more than one year and maintains the reciprocating tag as agreed upon.

To maintain an active and relevant directory our database is regularly purged of inactive blogs.

  1. Register and Log In
  2. Submit your blog using the form below
  3. Place The Blog Farm tag on your blog’s sidebar.


The Blog Farm tag confirms administrative rights and gives the necessary permission to list the blog within the directory.

Copy the code found on the footer of this site and paste it onto your blogs sidebar or footer.

Blog requirements…

  • be an active blog with a minimum of ten posts
  • provide legal and appropriate content (our discretion)
  • display and maintain The Blog Farm tag (reciprocal link check)

Login to view the submission form.

Please use the same email address as used when registering. Enter the blog name, the url including the http or https, select a category from the dropdown and enter a description.

“Networking is the door to successful blogging and active participation is the key.”

The Blog Farm Privacy Policy

TBF collects the ip and browser information from any entity registered to post or comment on our site. When registering, you may be asked to enter your name and a required e-mail address for password verification and other important agreed upon contact communications.

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The Blog Farm provides additional exposure for blogs seeking new readers through post syndication. This is done by publishing selected posts from their blog on our front page for visitors to discover and enjoy. Interested users can visit any blog by simply clicking multiple direct links.

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