Are You Confused? I Am!

Dear Readers:

Just a quick note to you about your email subscriptions.  As of late, my email subscribers have not been receiving my new posts.  I take this very seriously as most of you have been loyal readers.  Today, I have reset my email options, in order to try to reset the functionality of this service.  Hopefully, you got an email with a synopsis of the last few posts that might not of made it your way.

Feel free to email me directly, if you continue not to receive my emails and I will try some other changes to see if I can’t get my posts to you.

There, also, seems to be a problem with people not being able to leave comments.  If you aren’t able to comment on the bottom of my blog….please feel free to email me to let me know and I will continue my efforts to get that corrected.     [email protected]

Still the very conflicted and now very annoyed,

Cheryl P.

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