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Facebook Follies

Facebook has become my friend, virtually linking me, often in real time, to my true flesh-and-blood friends. I check it frequently for updates on people's lives. I enjoy their news and the many links they provide; some educate, most simply entertain. I often laugh at silly videos or I am moved to tears, over a beautiful musical contribution, or contemplation over a thought-provoking news clip. It is sometimes this shut-in's only connection to the outside world. Recently a friend shared a ...

Community: Some PostADay Lessons…

“A healthy social life is found only, when in the mirror of each soul the whole community finds its reflection, and when in the whole community the virtue of each one is living” Rudolf Steiner Community: Great ones flow like precious water... The PostADay Challenge has been a very rewarding effort even with the time it demands of us. I’ve met many terrific bloggers and formed some special new alliances. What I have learned so far: Connecting with my new blogging friends and ...

A Counterpoint…of sorts

Yesterday someone in my life took his own life. I was devastated by the news…but only worried about what brought him there…not anger because he did it. No one can know the last thought of anyone who dies…by disease or by their own doing. To think otherwise is selfish and self-serving. I have had thoughts of suicide in my life…many of us have. I don’t condone it and I hope that anyone who does have these thoughts finds a way by whatever means to get to ...

The Island

Hello from sunny Wales!  It’s been a long time since I could say that.  Seems the rains have eased, fingers crossed. Another Wednesday, time for another Friday Fictioneers story.  Thanks as usual to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields who is in sci-fi mode this week and also to Danny Bowman, for providing the photo prompt. Copyright – Danny Bowman Genre: Fiction Word Count: 100 The Island The island has been in my family for generations.  It’s home to seabirds and seals, virtually uninhabited most of the year. The crossing ...

The First Day

I know some of you purists out there that feel the need to think in a systematic, organized way are wondering why I am posting "Day ONE" when I already posted a post named Day Two. [Day Two link] Well...because it's my blog and I  can play fast and loose with the timeline...but in reality that post was referring to the day, I posted it...not what we did on day two.  The REAL Day Two post will be coming soon. So...to bring ...

A Great Blogging Death Match!!! (sort of)

A couple months ago I found a great blog, www.robshep.com, by Rob Shepherd, he's the Director of Community Groups and Students at Waters Edge Church near Virginia Beach, VA. Rob is a gifted blogger who writes on a range of topics with a forte in funny. One of my favorite posts he created was The First Annual Blogging All-Star Challenge, (see the image insert that Rob had commissioned for this single blog post) it was a brilliantly funny homage to some of the best faith-based ...

Chocolate Beetroot Cake

The following recipe and photograph are courtesy of Colin, one of my blog followers. When he first suggested the recipe I thought using beetroot AND chocolate in a cake sounded rather bizarre. But then I thought, why not, so this weekend I’m going to give it a try. Anyone else game? If you cook the cake please don’t forget to send me your photos and I will post to my blog. Any other beetroot recipe suggestions, please? Now you may think this sounds ...

‘Tis the Season to Use Branches and Berries in Flower Arrangements!

‘Tis the season to use branches and berries! Take a walk outdoors and let the beauty of nature delight your senses! As you wander and explore your neighbourhood, you will find that inspiration is all around you. Just look at all the fantastic foliage and those branches that have fallen. Branches comes in all kinds of wonderful shapes and forms. Some of them may even have berries! Use these natural elements to create interesting rustic floral arranges while adding height, ...

First Craft Fair of the Season

If you read the post below,  and wondered  where I was all weekend that I couldn't be around to take home our newest family additions, Sandra's Fiberworks was displaying in a craft fair: I did  ok, though not easy having to compete with  a vendor selling doggie bandanas. No, really. Bandanas for dogs. And I had a dog to prove it, one wandering through my tent adorned in the adorable red one. He liked sniffing under my tables for my lunch, ...

Flowers, deconstructed

From L-R: sunflower, gerbera daisy, rose, hydrangea, lily Singaporean artist and photographer Fong Qi Wei shows us that the sum of its parts is greater than the whole though a series of photographs, entitled “Exploded Flowers.” These striking images illustrate the beauty and complexity of one of nature’s most beautiful creations through symmetry and pattern. Qi Wei was inspired partially by photographer Todd Mclellan’s Disassembly. The series of 20 photographs included flowers such as the rose, lily, daisy, hydrangea, and the lotus. You ...

Chicken, Dumplings & Other Good Stuff!

Chicken, Dumplings & Other Good Stuff!

Opinion by John Liming Hey! Nobody cooked like my Mom! I am sure that everyone who reads this will say the exact same thing--- and they would be right!  No one ever cooks like Mom! Sometimes I will leave the subject of politics in order to give my Readers a break.  This is one of those times and I am going to rant about  the days of my youth and some of the great memories that all of us might share in one ...

Finished Triangle-Loom Project

Now that you've seen a work-in-progress on the actual loom, here is one of the finished triangle projects. Versatile, it can be work as a cozy wrapped scarf, or shawl-like:

Christmas Centerpieces ideas!

Christmas is fast approaching! One more week until the biggest, most celebrated day of the year! Do you have a Christmas centerpiece for your home yet? It’s not too late to add some festive cheer and colour to your holiday home decor! Here are are some of Christmas centerpiece ideas to get your creative juices flowing! Candy Cane Centerpiece Wrap vase with candy canes. Fill vase with red roses or other flowers. photo via bhg.com Amaryllis in Pineapple Vase Hollow out a pineapple. Fill with ...

10 Unique Vases & Container Ideas

Ok, so you picked up a bunch or two of some lovely fresh flowers, now all you need is a vase to put them in. With a little imagination just about anything can be turned into a flower vase! The same can be said for outdoor container gardening, you are only limited by your imagination (& sometimes your pocket book!). Without further ado here are some unique ideas. Rockettoro.com has this lovely glass vase which allows you to wear your favourite ...

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Lesley - Fun Flower Facts

Christmas Wreath Ideas!

It’s that time of the year! Time to deck the halls! Or if you are way too busy to go all out, the least you could do is hang a wreath over your door. A wreath is an easy way to add colour and holiday cheer to your home. They come in all shapes, sizes, colour and styles. You can either make your own or buy one. In any case, here are some beautiful Christmas wreaths to give you some inspiration!

Poinsettia Wreath

Christmas wreath made from poinsettia

Photo credit: vanessachristenson.com

Succulent Wreath

Christmas wreath made from succulents

Photo Credit: bhg.com

Square Moss Wreath

Wreaths don’t have to be predictably round. Made of moss, this squared-shaped wreath is chic and unexpected.

square-shaped moss christmas wreath

Photo credit: bhg.com

Fragrant Wreath

It smells as good as it looks!

This  holiday wreath is made with fragrant lavender and heather and is accented with berries and pine cones.

christmas wreath ideas

Photo credit: goodhousekeeping.com

Holiday Greetings Wreath

This is a wreath you can buy conveniently online from Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flowers.

Holiday wreath from Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flowers

Lesley - Fun Flower Facts

Lesley - Fun Flower Facts

I love flowers! I enjoy growing them, learning about them and I love creating bouquets of freshly cut flowers. In our climate where it’s winter most of the time the growing season is way to short, so I have started this blog to get my fix all winter!

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