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Now that the voters of The United States have come out once again so very enthusiastically in truly record-breaking numbers to re-elect President Obama, the whole civilized world rejoices and a lot of the right wing extreme nut wads with access to Media and blogs are having a hissy fit – – – as I imagine was to be expected.

They simply do not relish their role as losers do they?

The “Haters” wanted us to believe that if we re-elected the president we would be getting 4 years of a totally unqualified and deceiving personality “Squatting” in the White House as some of them are prone to say.

I much prefer the more cultured and refined, “Sitting In The Oval Office” to the frustrated expositions of some of the mindless who apparently live where formal education and character-building upbringing does not always reach.

The American People – – – by truly great numbers according to all reports I have read – – – have decided that what they will be getting is 4 more years of a steady-handed, level-headed, people-friendly president’s policies that have already been widely acknowledged to have gone a long way to reverse the very disappointing economic trends left to us by a distant-past conservative administration that is now lost, for the most part, to the dim recesses of History – – – except for the dismal financial blow back which will undoubtedly haunt this country for many more decades yet to come regardless of what any administration might try to do to correct things

That is just how bad I understand the last cob-serva-topian-generated governing scheme is reported to have been and there are many (Millions perhaps) all over the world who might agree with my assessment of the legacy of that remarkably destructive era.

Of course, the nation still faces the challenges of the so-called “Fiscal Cliff” that is fast approaching and which could present some special problems for the economy – – – especially if the obstructionists from the far right continue their pattern of obstruction and – – – I see no reason to believe they will change their original approach to any substantial degree – –  so the question in my mind (and the expectation in my heart) is that they will once again try to hold the economy hostage with full willingness to let the nation go down the fiscal tubes just for the sake of preventing the filthy rich from having to cough up another dime extra in taxes.

This time around, I for one hope that the President and the Democrats hold their ground, remain firm in their determination and refuse to capitulate to the demands of the intransigents.

By electing this president, I believe we have taken measures necessary to insure that the government of the people, by the people and for the people does not get into a position where it is willing to abandon it’s citizens to survive any circumstance on their own.

I think the extreme Righties would have been more than willing to use the government for the exclusive benefit of the upper classes (the 1%) and would have absolutely been willing to let the 99% fend for themselves.  That is how I interpret their doctrine of “Self-Reliance” which they seem to  like to morph into some perverted version of “Independence.”   (Or, going a step further toward reasonless logic – – -” Freedom.” I think they actually see government abandonment of it’s citizens as making the citizens somehow more “Free.”

In my own estimation that idiocy is akin to the idea that if the government takes away all access to food, there would be no reason to worry about starvation.

If “Freedom to Suffer” is included in the extreme rightist ideological agenda, then I agree with the description of their political blindness because “Suffering” by a great number of people is, in my opinion, usually the end result of the masses placing their confidence in the ever-failed policies of the intransigent Right Wing Ideologies.

As an example, I recall that during the conservative administration of the 1950s, few if any people could beg, buy, borrow or steal a legitimate wage-earning job and inflation was the order of the day.  I think the year was 1955 if memory serves me.  It was a dreadful time but it was – –  in my opinion – – also a conservative-typical time when once again, the rich were getting richer and not really giving a damned about anybody or anything else.

Now to the everlasting shame of some who should know better – – – if we look deep into their list of complaints about what the far obstructionist right extreme thinks an Obama Administration will bring to us, we find what I believe is the entire justification for every ounce of their bitterness, their angst, their rage and their virulence – – – and try as they might, they simply cannot hide their motivations for their hatred and at least a few of them of them have summarized their frustrations with an approximation of the following:

“A vote for President Obama is a vote that absolutely guarantees that more black people will be more dependent on government handouts and the rest of the poor will either be kept poor or will be made poorer in the process.” (This is my paraphrase of something I read in a far right wing hate blog.)

It does not, in my opinion, take a genius to figure out what it is that actually drives some of these jerks on what I like to describe as “The Hating Right Extreme” does it?

The irony of it all is that there is a great possibility that no one but their own kind even listens to their garbage because what I see as an uncountable multitude of them seem to be all locked in together in their own hermetically-sealed little fantasy world which they have formed with their own hands and the only people they appear to actually dialogue with is each other.

The greater world outside their protective shell rarely pays any attention to them at all in my view of things.

That, in my opinion, is how they could bluster and puff and blow and brag and still lose the election by such a large margin.

So I guess one of the big questions facing us all today is, “Will the crazies ever come back from their visit to whack-O Land or are they forever welded to their unworkable nightmare?”

Posted by John Liming at 7:07 AM

The picture of the Dutch courtyard near the airport is from the flickr photos of Mike Licht,NotionsCapital.Com and is used here under a Creative Commons License.

John Liming - American Liberal Times

John Liming - American Liberal Times

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