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John Liming - The Liming Liberal Democrat
April 18, 2012, 6:31 pm

Did Hitler Really Disarm All The Citizens?

Advocates of “Stand Your Ground” gun laws and others interested in expanding Second Amendment Rights seem to me to be fond of telling people that the first act that Adolph Hitler did when he got control of the German Government was to take the Citizen’s guns away from them and then they warn that if voters are not careful, the same thing could happen in America someday.

I am assuming they think that this kind of scare tactic is going to cause every able-bodied American Citizen to run straight out and apply for a Concealed Carry License or a permit to buy an arsenal of assault weapons or something.

News Flash!

All the scare rhetoric is most likely (In my personal opinion) a smoke screen by people interested in selling guns and in arming the American People in the event  some paranoid little fantasy about a future Government take over might occur and the government will go knocking on doors and disarming people—”Just like Hitler did.” That’s what I think about it.

I do not want to defend Hitler for anything at all, but I do want to try to get some clarification on this claim that some Righties seem to like to throw out there in defense of mass gun ownership.

Of course, there is every good chance that Hitler never did any such thing!

History tells me that Hitler did, indeed, disarm people in countries that his military had conquered, but according to everything I have ever read or heard, there was no widespread confiscation of weapons from the German People themselves during the period of his ascendancy and tenure.

The articles I have been reading say that ordinary German citizens were fully free to hang onto their guns  until the Allied Armies did the weapons confiscation following the invasion.

Gun Registration and gun ownership does not appear to have been an  issue in the 1930s and early 40s in Hitler’s Germany.

So my next question becomes, “Why would people pushing gun ownership resort to distorting this important detail?”

I guess if I am going to swallow the rhetoric of “Big Gun” America, someone is going to have to show me evidence that has not been tampered with by some Rightie revisionist—or anyone else for that matter.

Check out some interesting information in the link located between the following parenthesis: ( Hitler Didn’t Grab The Guns! )

In addition, you might want to check the following information out too:  ( None Of The Claims Seem To Be True )

Posted by John Liming as his political opinion

Picture Credit  -  Picture License

John Liming - The Liming Liberal Democrat

John Liming - The Liming Liberal Democrat

An American Man, born in 1938 and a Veteran of The U.S. Military. I served honorably in The United States Army (National Guard) and The United States Air Force for a total of seven years and three months active duty during what is now known as The Vietnam Era. My passion is political observation and commentary. My intention is to discuss and debate the extreme conservative ideology that is hurting The People of this Great Country. I will examine the reasons why our beloved America has become so politically divided over the past few years and provide illuminating insight into why I believe this is exactly the agenda of The "Christian" Conservative Right. Written in my own words of course, and strictly my opinion...

5 comments to Did Hitler Really Disarm All The Citizens?

  • John,
    The fact that Hitler may have disarmed his own citizens comes as a complete surprise to me. I have never heard that claim. Thank you for raising it, however whether Hitler did or didn’t bears little relevance to America today.

    However, here are some facts that are more relevant.
    Gun purchases in America surged shortly before the 2008 elections, yet violent crime decreased six percent between 2008 and 2009, including an eight percent decrease in murder and a nine percent decrease in robbery.1 Since 1991, when violent crime peaked, it has decreased to a 45-year low. Coincidentally, during roughly the same time period, the number of guns that Americans own has risen by about 90 million. Predictions over the years by gun control supporters, that increasing the number of guns, (particularly handguns and what they refer to as assault weapons) would cause crime to increase, have proven to be anything but accurate.

    Now, do I believe that every citizen should be packing a piece? Not in the least, but I do believe that law abiding citizens should have the right to own firearms.

    In both our countries gun control advocates live under the mistaken believe that by passing mote regulations and restrictions on firearms that ultimately you will have less crime and violence.
    News Flash!
    Unfortunately what they leave out of the equation is that crime by definition is committed by “criminals”, and criminals, again by definition typically don’t place a lot of emphasize on following the law. If Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD) took the same attitude as gun control advocates they would be lobbying to have automobiles removed from the roads, No Cars = No Drunk Driving.Instead they advocate to have tougher sentences for the offenders and for the most part leave the law abiding citizen alone to own and operate a vehicle.

    I hope this information assists in your future rants, at least this way you will have some facts.

    Take care

  • Danielle

    Mr. Liming,

    To quote you: “The articles I have been reading say that ordinary German citizens were fully free to hang onto their guns until the Allied Armies did the weapons confiscation following the invasion.”

    What you left out is that the Jewish population was not considered “ordinary German citizens.” On November 11, 1938 the Nazi weapons act was passed prohibiting Jews from acquiring, possessing and carrying firearms and ammo as well as truncheons or stabbing weapons. Those possessing weapons and ammo were ordered to turn them over to the local police authority at once. Finding out which Jews had firearms was not too difficult. The liberal Weimar Republic passed a Firearm Law in 1928 requiring extensive police records on gun owners. The rest, as they say, is history.

    Again I quote you: “So my next question becomes, “Why would people pushing gun ownership resort to distorting this important detail?” You sir, are either a purveyor of lies, ignorant, or anti-semantic. So, MY next question becomes, “Which is it?”

  • To quote you: “The articles I have been reading say that ordinary German citizens were fully free to hang onto their guns until the Allied Armies did the weapons confiscation following the invasion.

    The commenter continues:

    “…You sir, are either a purveyor of lies, ignorant, or anti-semantic. So, MY next question becomes, “Which is it?”…”

    My response: “So is that the extent of my options to answer this question for you?” “I have to choose from among these?”

    I have reported on what I read and I have said what I know about it- – - and I am neither a purveyor of lies, ignorant or anti-(for Christ’s sake, learn to spell: The word is “Semitic” not “Semantic!”

    So since “MY” question has been asked, let ME add another one to the mix:

    Have you read about the tragedy in Connecticut this week? In your opinion, does someone else’s right to bear arms have more importance in your eyes than innocent childrens’ rights to life?

    Be advised:

    I take offense in the manner in which this question was presented to me and I do not intend to spend any more valuable time trying to respond to it.

  • Jim Hamilton

    I see this discussion hasn’t been addressed in some time. I seldom respond to such discussions due to the venom that erupts and I find that kind of arguing accomplishes nothing. In this discussion I do suggest that Hitler did, in fact, disarm those with whom he disagreed. Simply looking at his response to leaders who disappointed him in some way makes me think it completely plausible that disarming anyone who didn’t completely agree with his leadership and politics. Did he disarm the entire citizenry, probably not but the Jews, I can’t help but believe he would have disarmed them, in fact there have been many statements by those who survived those horrible days who express that action.

  • Bobby Tedder

    Some say America will not be as Hitler, look at obama administration, talk of weapons registration, threat of ins. to own weapons, violence tax on ammo, all leads to confiscation, disarm them, we have total control, I Obama will have a Socialistic America, total control, enslaved by government, President Lincoln abolished slavery I thought. Most who read this will say this man is crazy, ignorant, unpatriotic, against America, (neither of these fit me served 24 yrs. retired U S Army, I believe in AMERICA, I believe nothing of Obama) Obama is Anti- American, watch closely, listen fast, follow his lies, you’ll see what his agenda is, not for America’s best, but for his.

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