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How to Keep Your Flowers Blooming All Summer

One of the many joys of gardening is seeing all the beautiful, vibrant flowers in bloom, especially in the summer. The garden comes alive with vibrant colours, intoxicating scents and mesmerizing beauty! It’s a sight like no other. But unfortunately, as we all know, beauty fades. It’s only a matter of time before the annuals and the perennials will start to wilt and die, leaving your garden in a sad state. That being said, as a gardener, there are things that ...

New Varieties for 2012 – In Video!

Earlier this month I posted my top picks of the new plant varieties for 2012. This time your in for a much larger floral treat! Sit back and enjoy these great videos featuring many more new 2012 plant varieties from several different growers. To see more head on over to youtube.com and search for Spring Trials 2012

10 Delicious Nasturtium Recipes

Nasturtium  is an annual that produces bright orange blooms, bringing colour and cheer to gardens everywhere! They are also known to attract bees, butterflies and other helpful pollinators. On top of all that, nasturtiums are one of the tastiest plants! All parts of the plant are edible, including the flowers, leaves, seed pods and seeds; the whole plant has a peppery, watercress-like taste. In fact, Nasturtium seed pods were once used as substitute for pepper. Give them a try! The flowers ...

Beautiful Japanese Flower Hairpins

Boring bobby pins, move over! Say hello to Kanzashi! Kanzashi is the art and craft of the traditional ornamental hairpin worn by Japanese women. First introduced to Japan centuries ago, they were quite prominent during the Edo era, where hairstyles were larger and more complicated. Over time, the use of kanzashi has declined, as more women prefer a more Westernize style. In today’s modern world, kanzashi is worn mostly by brides and geishas. However, in recent years, the art of kanzashi ...

What Giving Flowers Says About You

As we have been in the flower business for 30+ yrs we already knew that the gift of flowers evokes instant smiles & happiness but what about the gift giver? What does it say about them? Rutgers researcher Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D & director of the Universities Human Emotions Lab undertook the job of trying to find out what the gifts we give says about who we are & how we are perceived by others. What she found is that compared to ...

Scientists Develop Robot Bees to Help Pollinate Flowers

Scientists Develop Robot Bees to Help Pollinate Flowers

Scientists everywhere are buzzing with excitement! Scientists may have found the solution to the drastic decline in the honeybee population, which affects the global ecosystem and agriculture industry in a significant way. The situation has become so dire that a team of scientists from Harvard and Northeastern University have taken matters into their own hands to create the “Robobee”, a bee-sized robot that will be able to pollinate flowers. Robobee uses microrobotic technology to mimic the behaviour of a real bee. ...

How to Celebrate Day of the Dead

Happy Day of the Dead! Also known as “Dia de los Muertos” in Spanish, Day of the Dead is a holiday celebrated on November 1st and 2nd in Latin American countries. It is one of the biggest holidays in Mexico. It is a joyous occasion where people celebrate the loved ones who have died. There is a belief that the souls of the dead come back to visit their loved ones. In fact, Day of the Dead is a celebration ...

Buccaneers Of Buzz

My illustrations were mostly created for books, newspapers and magazines. This picture, done for my own amusement, is the only one I created for a poem. I remember reading this short work by Emily Dickinson where she compared bees to pirates; it was so fun and lighthearted, so visual, that I couldn’t resist picking up my brushes to see what I could do with it. When I look at the results I feel like a kid again. I’m transported back to ...

Bloomin Onion

This is how The Outback Restaurant describes its Bloomin Onion appetizer: a true Outback original. “Our special onion is hand-carved by a dedicated bloomologist, cooked until golden and ready to dip into our spicy signature bloom sauce.” Sounds good, doesn’t it? Not long ago Mrs. C. and I ducked into our local Outback for an early dinner. We often sit in the bar area where it’s permitted to order from the regular menu. We’d just ordered our drinks when the server arrived ...

Guest Post Invitation – Calling All Bloggers

For the past two years or so, I’ve been writing five days a week for my blog, The Daily ReTORt. During that time I’ve had the privilege of guest posting on dozens of great blog sites including heavy hitters such as: Michael Hyatt, Jon Acuff, Jeff Goins, ProBlogger, Ron Edmondson and Bryan Allain – to namedrop a few. The writing benefits I’ve gleaned from guest posting have prodded me to open up my blog to weekly guest post submissions from writers, other bloggers ...

It’s Banned Books Week

I’m a bit late highlighting Banned Books Week, but this is a good case of better late than never. Visit the Banned Books Week website by clicking on this word website. Once there, click on the Mapping Censorship tab near the top of the home page to find example(s) of banned books in recent history in your state. I’m pretty sure this map isn’t exhaustive, but it gives a good range of what’s bothering people who want to keep kids from ...

Conclusion: An Edsel And The Crown Jewels

Read Part One After his brush with death, Bud Holloway herded his family into Moby Dick—the enormous white Edsel that had nearly crushed him—and headed to Texas for a visit with his mama. Hollowhead later described what happened. As Bud drove through Albuquerque, he toyed with the radio and managed to tune into a radio station somewhere in Midland, Texas, which coincidentally was close to where they were headed. The disk jockey came on and announced a contest. “Our l’il ole’ radio station ...

Teen-trepreneur: Help Your Teen Earn Some Cash

With the economy limping towards recovery and unemployment rates still high, the teen population is finding it harder and harder to find work because adults are competing for the same minimum wage jobs. But there’s an alternative for your teen—starting a micro business. What is a micro business? It is a very small, one-person business that you can start easily and quickly with what you already know or own. Students can spend as much time running a micro business as ...

7 Mistaken and Misused Baby Phrases

Parents with newborns speak a language with baby phrases all their own during the first few months of the babies’ life. Conversations surrounding the baby phrases such as gestational age or bilirubin levels or the wonder of simethicone drops are fairly common among new parents. However, there are some aspects of Newborn ParentSpeak that are flat out wrong. Here are seven inaccurate baby phrases that misrepresent the actual activity or meaning they convey. 7. Fussing – this particular term almost sounds like a playful board ...

Guest Post: Bulb Flower Gardens

The fondest experience for any gardener is the sight of the first spring flowers peeking through the last snow of winter. These spring flowers have been long seen as a sign of new life. Whether ...

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Acknowledging the pain of others

People like me, who write about their experiences of child sexual abuse, do not intentionally set out to cause other people pain. Unfortunately, however, we do. When we are lucky enough to have people ...

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Haiku: The First Day Of Spring…

Today is Thursday March 20th, the first, official day of spring! The buds start to peak through; crocuses, forget-me-nots, blossoming cherry trees herald the awakening of a new day. Spring has sprung and we can ...

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Freebie Friday: Free April 2014 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper!

While for some of us it’s hard to believe, Spring really is on it’s way! Here in Edmonton we are looking forward to double digit temps next week! Exciting! To help celebrate Springs arrival here are ...

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A Good Master And A Greater Revelation

Jason Clark is a singer/songwriter, author, speaker, and pastor. Jason’s passion is to know the love of God more each day. He lives to see a generation step into their identity as sons and daughters ...

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Afterlife of the Viking

Shevata leaned back on the armrest of the obsidian throne. “Zermon, no more savages!” “I’ll remind you that you released the last one?” Zermon rolled his eyes looking over a short man brought before ...

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Run Like Hell!

Humans can be porcupinish in nature. You get too close and their adrenaline kicks in, triggering a panicky spray of barbed quills, homing in on your most vulnerable places, usually the face and eyes. And why ...

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Artist’s Studio

My new artist’s studio is is finally setup! Your artist’s studio is the hub of your creative endeavors. It is your home away from home. Often it is the home of your heart. An ...

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The Kid Got to Me

When she told me that she wanted to write books I knew that she had suffered. Only the scarred would dare to write, to make sense of, or at least to look at, the entrails ...

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Peer support through blogging

One of my reasons for returning to study is that I would like to set up an organisation whose sole purpose is peer support for adults (both women and men) who experienced abuse as a ...

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Defining Moment 1985

One strong arm robbery (no weapons) turned into 2 when the take on the first was too light. The 2nd got us caught. I was driving, and we were about to pull away but a ...

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7 Questions With an Author: Frank Viola

Frank is a highly-sought speaker and an incredibly prolific writer with 16 published books so far. His web blog frankviola.org is one of the Top 10 Christian blogs on the Internet. His latest work is a ...

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