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Word traps, verbal snares, and blog traffic

By Charles Redfern He’s there.  I’m convinced of it.  There’s a three-inch tall, invisible man perched on my shoulder.  He twists, bends, and breaks definitions while whispering in my ear, paralyzing me because I’m checking, re-checking, and re-re-checking my motives.  And he poses as my counselor.  He’s on my side.  He’s looking out for me.  He wants me to be a better Christian. He revved up rapid-fire whispers when I read Lauren Holgate’s Ladasi blog of January 17. She lists a host of web ...

A Little Bit of Heaven

Two Thoughts for Tuesday Thought Number One:  When did crossing the Mississippi lose it's thrill? My childhood was spent living in two distinctly different regions of the U.S. To understand this "two region" existence, you would have to know the background of my family. My father was born and raised in Arkansas.  The farthest he would have ever been away from home up until his adulthood,  would be the 30 miles or so across the line into southern Missouri. He was part of an enormous extended family made up ...

Spinach and Raspberry Salad

This must be without a doubt my favourite salad.  It's tart, sweet, crunchy - all the things you want. I make a white vinagrette for this salad. Ingredients - White Vinaigrette: 2 Tbsp Cider Vinegar 3 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 tsp Dijon Mustard 1/2 tsp sugar 1/2 tsp salt 1 bruised clove garlic Method: Whisk together until emulsified. Remove the garlic clove. Ingredients - Salad: 1 Packet spinach leaves. 1 Punnet raspberries A handful chopped walnuts 1 cup blue cheese - broken into pieces 4 preserved green figs cut into small pieces Method: Toss together ...

Share Your World 3/4/2012

To learn more about Share Your World, click here Here are my answers to this week’s questions: What is your favorite month of the year? My favorite month of the year is October. I love the fall colors, even though we don’t get much of that down here in the wilds of Alabama. What is something you learned in the last week? During this last week I learned that Geez is a language that is sometimes referred to as Ethiopic. It is a liturgic language ...

Birds and Gators

Thanks to a recent visit to the great Birding Center here on South Padre Island we got some great shots of some great looking wildlife!  Love being in nature and enjoying the quiet walk on the boardwalk!!!  Hope you enjoy them as much as we did! Click to view slideshow.

Plant-based Sugar-free, Gluten-free, Dairy-free All American Apple Pie

Most of the time the way I eat makes me very happy. I like feeling healthy and light. I never feel deprived or like I am sacrificing until the Holidays come. It gets dark early, it’s cold and temptations abound! It is only human to want a little comfort! It doesn’t take long for me to start telling myself that I have been so good for so long that just “a little sugar/gluten/dairy/etc won’t hurt”. That is kinda true (or ...

Hot Cross Buns – To Share with Friends

According to English folklore there are many superstitions surrounding hot cross buns. My favorite superstition is accompanied by the rhyme… “Half for you and half for me, Between us two shall goodwill be” Apparently, if you share a hot cross bun while saying the above words it is meant to ensure friendship throughout the coming year. This is my first attempt at making “Hot Cross Buns” so here’s to sharing them with all my blogging buddies… HaPpY eAsTeR! My first attempt at "Hot Cross Buns" Hot ...

5 Edible Weeds

“A weed is but an unloved flower.” -Ella Wheeler Wilcox Weeds get a bad reputation. Upon the first opportunity, these unloved plants in our backyards are immediately removed and destroyed! Gardeners don’t even think twice about it. Weeds have no place in the garden. But they do have a place in the kitchen! Before you toss those weeds into the trash, consider eating them. As your mother would say, “Don’t let good food go to waste!” Many weeds are edible and ...

Wedding Flowers: Trends of 2012

Summers are notorious for weddings.  And like hot days and lemonade, weddings and flowers go hand in hand! A wedding just wouldn’t be a wedding without flowers! Here’s a look at some of 2012’s wedding trends. White Bouquets The white bouquet is a classic. It will never go out of style. Traditional bouquets made of roses are romantic and timeless.  Kate Middleton’s Royal wedding bouquet was simple, yet chic and inspired other brides to follow suit. Rustic Flowers Using local wildflowers such as daisies, ...

Acting – A vital Quality For Artists

Acting Really Is a Vital Quality For Artists Acting was discussed in the last post when talking about commitment. But before I get into that , I just want to say there is acting and then there is acting!  Or it might have been better if one hadn’t taken that action at all, like this week when I posted on Friday – something I NEVER do and not only that, it was a repeat of a previous post!! I have no idea how ...

Christmas Wreath Ideas!

It’s that time of the year! Time to deck the halls! Or if you are way too busy to go all out, the least you could do is hang a wreath over your door. A wreath is an easy way to add colour and holiday cheer to your home. They come in all shapes, sizes, colour and styles. You can either make your own or buy one. In any case, here are some beautiful Christmas wreaths to give you some ...

New Year, New Hue

Want a new year’s resolution that’s actually fun? Resolve to update your home or wardrobe with a splash of radiant orchid – Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014! Alluring, feminine and fresh – radiant orchid is a beautiful mixture of fuchsia, purple and pink. Add it to your home through paint, accent pieces or accessories. It pairs beautifully with deep greens, turquoise, teal and light yellows, and invigorates any neutral such as gray, beige or taupe. And because it blends both cool ...

Red Tipped Photinia

Red Tipped Photinia Tree Photo credit: davesgarden.com Photinia is in the genus of deciduous and evergreen east Asian trees and shrubs widely cultivated as ornamentals for their white flowers and red fruits; in some classifications includes genus Heteromeles. From the family Rosaceae; rose family (a large family of dicotyledonous plants of order Rosales; have alternate leaves and five-petaled flowers with numerous stamens). Suitable for zones 7a & up this plant makes for a lovely shrub, hedges or if left alone will grow quite ...

Fun Flower Facts: “Butter and Eggs” Flower aka Linaria vulgaris

Other names: yellow toadflax, bread and butter, bunny mouths, flaxweed,  lion’s outh Butter and eggs isn’t breakfast. It’s the name of a flower that seems to be everywhere. You might have seen these snapdragon-like flowers along roadsides, wastelands and alleys. Actually, in some places like Alberta, Canada,  these fast-spreading perennials are consider weeds. Butter and Eggs is the common name given to this buttery flower with an orange/yellow-yolk center, also known scientifically as linaria vulgaris. The orange “tongue” part of the ...

Visit the authors blog by clicking on the link below!

Lesley - Fun Flower Facts

Flowers in Art: Beautiful “Decaying Flowers” by Billy Kid

There’s no doubt about it. Roses are breathtakingly beautiful and have inspired amazing works of art from playwrights, poets, painters and photographers for centuries. But once they start to wilt and brown, they are thrown away without a second thought.

But Billy Kid, an American photographer, saw a beauty that other people often dismiss. Through his set of images titled “Decaying Flowers,” he showed us that even in their decaying state, roses can be just as beautiful and captivating. In some ways, he has breathed new life into these decaying flowers.

billy kidd's "decaying flowers" photography

billy kidd's "decaying flowers" photographs

The rose portraits were shot simply against a black background with a single light source. Billy did such an amazing job capturing every bit of detail and colour on these roses, we almost forget that these flowers are decaying.

billy kidd's "decaying flowers" photography

billy kidd's "decaying flowers" photography

*All images taken from his website

Billy Kidd also specializes in portraiture. You can see more of his work through his website.

Lesley - Fun Flower Facts

Lesley - Fun Flower Facts

I love flowers! I enjoy growing them, learning about them and I love creating bouquets of freshly cut flowers. In our climate where it’s winter most of the time the growing season is way to short, so I have started this blog to get my fix all winter!

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