Flowers in Art: Beautiful “Decaying Flowers” by Billy Kid

There’s no doubt about it. Roses are breathtakingly beautiful and have inspired amazing works of art from playwrights, poets, painters and photographers for centuries. But once they start to wilt and brown, they are thrown away without a second thought.

But Billy Kid, an American photographer, saw a beauty that other people often dismiss. Through his set of images titled “Decaying Flowers,” he showed us that even in their decaying state, roses can be just as beautiful and captivating. In some ways, he has breathed new life into these decaying flowers.

billy kidd's "decaying flowers" photography

billy kidd's "decaying flowers" photographs

The rose portraits were shot simply against a black background with a single light source. Billy did such an amazing job capturing every bit of detail and colour on these roses, we almost forget that these flowers are decaying.

billy kidd's "decaying flowers" photography

billy kidd's "decaying flowers" photography

*All images taken from his website

Billy Kidd also specializes in portraiture. You can see more of his work through his website.

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