Glenn Beck: The Wisconsin Unions = The Muslim Brotherhood = World Domination

Breaking news:  Don’t believe those Wisconsin workers when they claim they’re only battling for their collective bargaining rights – and do not be lulled by all their concessions.    They’ve got hidden motives, and Glenn Beck heaved up his charts and graphs to “prove” it.  It turns out they’ve locked hands with the Muslim Brotherhood and the United Nations in a sinister embrace.  They’ll give us a “new world order” if we drop our guard.

You can bet those unions, UN agents, and Muslim Brotherhood people smile saliva-dripping grins when they throw back a few in their dark-alley meetings.

It makes me wonder: Are the unions a front for extraterrestrial beings ala “V”?  You never know.  You can’t prove it isn’t the case.   I bet Milwaukee Roman Catholic Archbishop Jerome Listecki is a disguised beast, a veritable emotionless monster.  How else do we explain his letter to the Wisconsin Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee supporting the unions?  He cited 100 years of papal encyclicals upholding the rights of workers to organize, of course, but that’s because aliens conquered the Vatican long ago.  We know it.  There’s no other explanation for Catholic social teaching.  Those cardinals only wear those red robes to hide their tentacles.

Thank you so much, Glenn.  You’re so helpful.  Here you are, helping the American public understand:

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