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James Bond, Streisand, Obama: what a week….

Last week was a crazy one for so many of us, from our first major blast of winter here in the great white north (a crazy 25 cm of snow)… to the frenzy over the US election (to quote Beyonce, Take that, Mitches)… and yet there is always my escape to pop culture world…

Here are some my faves from last week:

I am always happy when there is a new Streisand album, and this one is really special because while the album is new the music is not; Release Me is a collection of unreleased tracks from 1967 to 2011 which perfectionist Streisand never let the public hear before now. The whole album shines, and my favourite is Being Good Isn’t Good Enough.

Saw this on Facebook and loved it… so true!

Best Bond ever? Holy crap, super hot and typically glum Daniel Craig was everywhere this week, and was actually smiling in some of the press he did for the new Bond flick…  Bond… James Bond… must see Skyfall….

I love, as they are smart and snarky without crossing into nasty. Or not crossing into nasty too often. And this one made me laugh, because is funny and is true.

Go away redneck misogynist bigots, YAY Obama…

This book by Richard Cohen, author of the terrific Multiple Sclerosis memoir Blindsided, is fast, fun and kind of mean. Grinch-ish Cohen doesn’t like dogs, his wife TV journalist Meredith Viera keeps bringing them home and spoiling them. I love Viera, and Cohen comes across as curmudgeonly but fun. A fun read on a winter’s night with Alfie curled up beside me.

My lifelong Sherlock Holmes obsession continues with the fab new TV show Elementary, a good find in a season of truly crappy TV. Holmes is in modern day New York, fresh out of rehab, assigned a strong-willed female caregiver (and former doctor) who happens to be named Watson, and the duo helps the local police solve crimes. Love this show.

I discovered the Facebook “name that tune” game SongPop on election night and played for hours. And got my ass kicked… quite humbling to this self-proclaimed 80s aficionado actually. Total addiction by the end of the night.What pop culture faves are you loving these days?

Brahm - alfred lives here

Brahm - alfred lives here

I began this blog in fall 2009, after seeing Julie and Julia, a movie which inspired others to cook and had no such effect on me. I have always been a wannabe writer, and always had tons of opinions, so this was a natural fit. Random thoughts, big gay opinions, sarcastic observations, shared stories, political musings, quote collecting, and lots of love for Alfred the adorable Havanese.

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