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Keystone Pipeline Still Causing Concerns!

There are still plenty of folks out there who keep on complaining about the fact that President Obama has not yet approved construction of the contemplated “Keystone” Pipeline, a 1,770-mile-long sludge conduit that could cause environmental disasters beyond imagination.

Some of the Far Right Wing pundits want us to believe that this monstrosity would create “Thousands” of jobs and would do something to alleviate the pressure on U.S. Gasoline prices.

Several experts are agreed that the “Jobs” would amount to only about 6,500 (Instead of the 200,000 that some have claimed), that they would be only temporary jobs and that they could, conceivably, be performed by cheap insourced labor, and that they would pay the least wages and benefits that the contractors on the pipeline could get away with paying.

I have also read that the proposed pipeline does not transport actual “Oil,” but a tarry sludge-like material that contains oil and that has to be refined once it reaches a terminus.  This sludge is reported to be highly toxic and there are many concerns that any break in the pipeline could spill this stuff into the vast underground drinking water sources that it would pass over on it’s way to the refinery thousands of miles from the source.

And then there are the stories about how the final product from this pipeline will not be used to make gasoline for The United States but is scheduled for sale to places like China.

For my “Friends” (Tongue in cheek) on the side of generally unthinking Radical Conservatism, these are most likely (In my opinion) some of the reasons that our President has chosen not to rush into a project of this magnitude and scope with all the inherent potentials for ecological disaster.

I have also heard that the contractors are planning to build this thing with cheap imported steel instead of domestically-manufactured “Quality” materials.  That creates the nightmare of thousands of potential weak spots in the finished pipeline, any one or more of which could spring leaks and cause all kinds of problems– health problems, financial problems, ecological problems.

When the know-littles of Conservatism are bleating and crying about this pipeline which will do more to enrich millionaires than it will to put bread on the tables of American Workers (my opinion again), let them understand that the real cause of rising gas prices at the pump are not connected to oil supplies, but to the manipulations of greedy “Futures” speculators on Wall Street.

There is one final consideration.  I am personally convinced that Big Oil would have  a lot to gain by raising gas prices this year so that people will blame President Obama for the resultant higher gas prices.   I think it would be to the advantage of the very rich if The American Voter started blaming President Obama for the high gas prices.  I think there are some people who would like to see Obama defeated so that the possibility of regulating the greedy overlords of the Energy Industries is reduced to the point that they can operate as freely as birds can fly and so that they can do whatever they want with the Markets– With absolutely no concern for Consumers.

The Keystone Pipeline was never intended to bring gas to consumers in The United States.  The oil is Asia Bound. ( Click Here ).

The Keystone Pipeline is expected to cause even higher gas prices, especially for farmers in the USA. ( Click Here ).

An eye-opening look at the possibilities. ( Click Here ).

Posted by John Liming as strictly his political opinion.

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John Liming - American Liberal Times

John Liming - American Liberal Times

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