Lines that are not so Fine

Two Thoughts for Tuesday

Thought #1 – What is this “Fine Line” that people refer to as  being crossed…

Yesterday on my post  Over the Line I was talking about crossing the “invisible line” of what is acceptable for certain age groups to wear.  Not that we would melt into a puddle of goo, if we chose to put on too short of skirt or too high of heels (I know… even from here, I hear you screaming “what, what” …are you insane?… there is no such thing as too high of heels”.)  But here I am, thinking about all the “fine lines” that come into play in our lifetime.

There are those “damn lines” that some commercials call “fine” lines.  There isn’t anything fine about these…no nothing at all.  Those are actually the opposite of fine. UNFINE LINES

And there is the line that we cross without even being aware of it until….one day you are a MISS…the next day you are a MA’AM.

Then there is the “fine line” where the “powers-that-be” no longer ask you for this….

Now they want to see this:

Thought Number Two…Some possible lines you may want to tread cautiously over.

How many cats does it take you from being a  CAT LOVER to being a  CAT LADY?

How many extra pounds does it take to take you from being BIG BONED  to being FAT?
How much skin is exposed before SEXY becomes SLUTTY?
How much “couch surfing” do you do before your buds quit calling you a FRIEND  and now refer to you as a  FREELOADER?
How many CHILDREN can you have before you are a REALITY SHOW?  (at least 19 it would seem)
How many TRAFFIC TICKETS does it take before the local police force refer to your car as the DEATH-MOBILE?How many times did you color your hair before people quit asking “DOES SHE OR DOESN’T SHE?” and went right to  “SHE DEFINITELY DOES”?How many times do you offer “CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM” before you are known as a ‘TOTAL BITCH?

How many cosmetic procedures did you have done before it went from “OMG, YOU LOOK FABULOUS!” to “HAVE WE MET?”

So my blogee, friends, I ask you….what lines have you crossed??????

Cheryl - The Art of Being Conflicted

A veteran of corporate moves from which I survived moving 21 times for my husband's job. I currently am a married, middle-aged (if I make it to 116) middle income, mom living in the very middle of the country, with time on her hands to jot down observations, judgements, and musings about past and current events.

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