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NYPD Said To Have Acted "Aggressively!"

It has been reported that some New York Police Officers may have acted a little bit aggressively towards some participants in the Occupy Wall Street Movement recently.

As an American Citizen, I was a little shocked to hear of this alleged aggressiveness on the part of some of New York’s Finest and I said to myself, “Oh, golly! I don’t believe that this kind of stuff can happen in America so perhaps someone is mistaken about all this.”

So, I returned to the article that I had been reading and sure enough, there were allegations that some of the officers used pepper spray and tear gas and that some of the arrests they made may have been a little rough according to some people’s estimates.

I thought to myself, “Well if that is true, that just isn’t nice at all!” Then I thought again to myself, “I cannot believe that anyone who takes on the task of protecting and serving the citizens could ever even think of pulling and using a pepper spray on someone unless they were in immediate danger of being assaulted or something.”

What I was reading certainly wasn’t describing any police officers that I have ever known.  I thought, “Somebody might not be understanding the situation up there on the streets of New York.

I just don’t know what to think about all this stuff that is going on up there in New York and all over the world now with these “Wall Street Occupy” people.

I kind of thought that here in America we would be allowed to go into a park or stand on a street in a group and show forth our disappointment and discontent with some things that are going on around us and that we could feel perfectly free and safe in doing do.

But apparently there are some folks who do not share my expectations about American Freedoms. I think that is unfortunate to say the least.

All kinds of American Freedoms have come under attack of late. I guess there are even attempts to shut down Freedom of Speech.  I think this is more likely to be true if that “Speech” ruffles some one’s feathers.. They are telling tales now about Press Blackouts surrounding these Occupy things.  Of course, since this is America, I don’t buy that for a minute, do you?

There might be some really good news coming out of all that ruckus up there in New York though.  I also read today that a judge has issued a restraining order that essentially allows the Occupiers to re-enter the park where they have been protesting and that, in spite of orders from The City to the contrary, the judge who issued the order said the protesters were perfectly welcome to keep their tents with them.

Now if you look on the Internet, you can also find articles talking about a “Press Blackout” that New York is supposed to have enacted in regards to close coverage of the Occupy activities.

This has ostensibly been done for the Protection Of The Press.” I guess if we are not really careful, we might see the day come when we won’t be allowed to say anything that is on our minds–especially if it might upset someone else to one degree or the other.  I guess we might get to the point where journalists will have to be careful to refer to “Crooks” as “Those  possibly suffering from the effects of social disengagement” or something like that.

I would say that the idea of “Protecting The Press”is a commendable action.  It is good that someone is looking out for the welfare of the Press Corps.

I mean this Occupy Wall Street thing isn’t a full-fledged combat zone, now  is it?

I guess my question is, “Could it become a full-fledged combat zone? Are the conditions right for violence to erupt around these “Peaceful” protests?

Oh golly Gee, folks– one can only wait with baited breath to see what will happen next.

Isn’t it exciting how things have changed in America?

You want my opinion of all this alleged roughness on the part of some of the police up there? My opinion is, “Dreadful if it is true. That is a ‘Shame On You.'”

But, in all reality, folks, there is always the chance that someone might be misinterpreting what they are seeing, hearing or reading and have made possibly brash statements  about what is actually transpiring in New York.  I mean fair is fair and balanced is balanced, right?

The article you have just read is strictly my opinion unless I have said otherwise. Please read the disclaimer on the main page of the blog.

Here are a few more notes:

John Liming - American Liberal Times

John Liming - American Liberal Times

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