• Abstracts And Underpainting

    This post looks at the further use of underpainting and how it can influence our work in quite dramatic ways. The paintings you see here are underpaintings done in preparation for a

  • Guest Post : How Mulching Can Benefit Your Flower Garden

    Mulching refers to the application of any material (organic or inorganic) on the surface of the soil over plant roots. Mulches are mainly used for weed

  • Reflections: World Humanitarian Day

    World Humanitarian Day came about because of another inhumane attack that occurred on 19 August, 2003. On that terrible day, 22 aid workers were killed in a bomb attack at the UN headquarters in Baghdad.

  • Dads with Daughters: Do You Know This?

    We need our dads to remind us that we matter, that we’re beautiful when the mirror screams at us that we’re ugly and awkward, and to listen as we tearfully spill about broken hearts and broken dreams.

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