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  • A Son Goes Astray: Risk Factors and City Kids

    A child’s exposure to violence can have consequences for his development. Children exposed to violence are more likely to have internalizing and externalizing behavior problems (Peled 1995). Risk factors have a cumulative impact and can span over 5 domains. In other words, the more risk factors spread out over multiple domains one has, the greater the likelihood for serious delinquency ang gang involvement.

  • Two items

    Item Number One: A shout-out to all prowling the Northeastern United States in October. The Inter-Religious Eco-Justice Network will be holding its second interfaith Climate Stewardship Conference from October 12-13 in West Hartford, Connecticut. Follow this link to learn more about it — and then sign up. I will be a “panelist” in one of […]

  • Creativity Conversations

    Being a creative person is not just about each piece that you create, it is also about your entire journey and development as an artist.

  • Landscapes Of The Heart

    I had a realization this morning when I was thinking about the direction of my work and focusing on it becoming more heart centered.

  • Haiku:  Will 25/7 Give Us More Time?

    First I imagined how great it could be. Then I realized what a time suck it might become. If I manage my current time well, I have nothing to worry about.

  • Lesson from a sand dune

    After a relatively relaxed eight months since moving interstate, life seems to be well and truly ‘on the move’ once more, the only difference is that I am now much more aware

  • James Watt – Creator Extraordinaire

    You may wonder when you look at today’s painting, what on earth it has to do with James Watt. Well as it turns out, quite a bit really.

  • As a Father – Are You a Pig or a Chicken

    During the past 13 years as parents, my wife and I have adopted a strategy of taking turns feeding the respective high chair dweller…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: DREAMSCAPE…

    In my dreamscape, I find shapes and scenes in foggy weather quite dreamy. They harken back to something old and ancient in the deepest recesses of my being.

  • Mesothelioma Awareness Day: Get Involved!

    “I have made it my life’s mission to spread awareness about mesothelioma and the dangers of asbestos.” Heather Von St. James Mesothelioma Awareness Day: Get Involved! Photo of Heather and her Family Mesothelioma Awareness Day: Get Involved! Facts & Graphic Do you know what Mesothelioma is? According to the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation (Meso Foundation), […]

  • Taft’s Tub

    William Howard Taft did not break a bathtub; he got stuck in one, and it took four men to get him out. They used a gallon of butter and the tub did not break.

  • On the Throne of Roses

    **Spoiler Alert** all Game of Thrones non-readers!! As a bona fide addict of “A Song of Ice and Fire,” as the theories pour out, sometimes I get a good laugh, sometimes I get new insight into this very long, sophisticated story, and sometimes I feel like my brain will explode over some of the over-the-top, […]

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