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  • Searching My Mind

    I know you are there In the back of my mind but I am not sure what you’re wanting to find Are there certain emotions or feelings you seek

  • Landscapes Of The Heart

    I had a realization this morning when I was thinking about the direction of my work and focusing on it becoming more heart centered.

  • 4 Ways to Bond With Your Kids

    Few things are more important in life than the bond you share with your children. Life is hectic and time is short and, one day, the time to…

  • The Night Watch

    Rembrandt’s The Night Watch. Essays on art can be dry but consider yourself warned; you’re about to see a man having his brains blown out.

  • Meursault

    Meursault is a very pretty village in the Bourgogne area of France, close to Dijon. The photo below has a wonderful piece of

  • September: 12 Important Events To Remember…

    Some things that come to mind in September; Labor Day, Autumn, start of the NFL and college football season,

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