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John Liming - The Liming Liberal Democrat
August 5, 2011, 10:30 am

Right Wing Is Consistent!

Right Wing Remains At Odds With The Wishes Of The American People!

Attitudes And Opinions

Everybody Has Them And Here Are Mine!

By John R. Liming(August 4, 2011)— You can always count on the Right Wing Extremeists  to do one thing if nothing else— you can count on them to be consistently at odds with themselves and the American People.

There are other things you can constantly and faithfully count on from some of the members of “God’s Own party.”
You can count on them to violate the principles of common decency, the Constitution of The United States of America and the rule of law.I guess by now everyone has noticed the most recent round of public exposure to how the Far Right Wing Extremists in our government have honored the idea of abiding by The Constitution:

I have never seen anywhere in The Constitution or anywhere else how it is alright for one party to attempt a government shutdown as a weapon of blackmail just to win a point.

The procedure in The American Government has always traditionally been for the two parties to sit down at a negotiating table and hammer out their differences in an honorable and disciplined manner.

For the first time that I can recall, we have one of the parties, The party of “No, No and Hell No,” refusing to compromise, refusing to give an inch and perfectly willing to cause pain and possibly even harm to the economy and to the American People just so they can stand in front of television cameras and declare some kind of political victory.

And, if you think that claim I just made is some kind of a “Stretch,” take a look at the following link and hear the confession from their own mouths:

Extortion has never been acceptable in any form of honorable negotiations, but I guess the Right Wing Extreme has now added that to their “Values.”

On top of what they just did with the Debt Ceiling Limit negotiations, I have read reports were some of them are bragging that they might have found the negotiating tactic of the future.

I have read a report in the Conservative Blog, “Red State,” where I understood some of those on the Right to believe that if they can get a situation where the Congress must vote on each individual appropriation item in the budget instead of invoking an omnibus situation, that the Right Wing can force a shutdown— and possibly even elimination— of whatever agency they want to attack just like they did with The Federal Aviation Administration.

You can read the details of that piece of convoluted thinking in the following:

Once you have read and understood that new “Shutdown Strategy” they have concocted, you can quickly come to the conclusion, just as I have, that the Far Right Wing Extreme is nowhere near about “The American People,” but are all about “Power.”

I have been saying that all along.  I have been warning that the objective of The Far Right Wing Extremeists  is nothing less than creating a situation where they can manipulate an election, gain total control of The Presidency and both Houses of Congress, institute themselves, through some emergency crisis legislation, as the permanent government of the United States and institute their twisted little version of a Theocratic Republic instead of the Democracy that we have known since the Founding Fathers sweat their blood and tears for us so long ago.

This is an insidious process.  It is subtle and it is constant and it bores from within much in the same manner as Communism does. (And that is strictly my own opinion, folks.)

Many of the  people who serve this ideology are militant “True Believers” who cannot seem to be swayed from their determination to undermine and destroy everything good about America and bring their dark oppression upon the land once and for all time.

If you cannot see what I just said, then consider the temperament and the make up of some of the noisier activists in that  new cancer on American Politics that calls itself “The Tea party” and which I, in my inimitable wisdom and insight have re-dubbed as “Tea-Pub-Lickins.”  They are effective and efficient rabble rousers, but they have absolutely no idea of how to govern.

Yet, they are a rising force on the horizon of our future.

You know what I am not hearing anything about from The Far Right Religious Extremeists at this point in time folks?

I am not hearing a word about “Family and Moral Values.”  I am not hearing a word about “Abortion.”  I am not hearing a word about “One Man and One Woman Equals A Family.” Where are all these arguments right now?  As always, they are swept under the table until the election of 2012 begins in earnest.  At that time, these iconic concerns will be trotted out again, dusted off, given a new coat of paint and presented once more to The American People as the reasons to elect Republicans to the high offices of the land.  What absolute hypocrisy!

No! They are not spouting off about “Morals” right now because many of them are too busy using every immoral and underhanded tactic in their playbook to grab and consolidate power– at the National Level and at the State and Local levels as well.

They are busy passing voter repression legislation and redistricting down at the State and Local Level so that they can be more or less assured of winning the day in those areas. You see, folks, they cannot win elections fairly and squarely!  They have to cheat!  They are masters of at least two things, in my book — cheating and lying!  The Good “Christian” Right Wing Religious Extremeists.  Christian my rear end! (If you are in the mood to argue this opinion  of mine with me, then show me evidence of “Christianity” in any of the actions of those whom I reference here.)

You  know what else I haven’t heard from The Far Right Wing extreme lately, my friends?  I haven’t heard a peep out of any of them about protecting the borders of The United States from the scourge of illegal immigration.

Ever since their multi-billion-dollars of taxpayer money was wasted on building that stupid border wall, and that wall was proven to have been a pig in a poke, they haven’t done anything but scream and complain about the money that Obama has spent.

So, where is all the concern about illegal immigration these days?  In my view, you won’t hear a word about that until the election cycle begins either.  That is another of their smoke screens meant to divert attention from their total unworthiness and unfitness to fill the offices they so earnestly desire.

The Right Wing is always screaming about how The President has refused to uphold certain aspects of The Constitution.

Has anyone besides me ever considered that the people in Congress have also taken an oath to uphold The Constitution and then done everything in their power to cause a government shutdown so they can pass laws to help them further loot and plunder and pillage this country and to put our seniors, our low wage earners, our sick, elderly and disabled and our children at risk for the sake of their millionaire and billionaire friends receiving more and bigger tax breaks? What kind of adherence to Constitutional principals is that?  Tell me that! Can you? (I guess you could justify such a thing if you have already re-written that sacred document in your own minds.)

What kind of adherence is that kind of activity to the principles of The Constitution?

Oh well, never fear! They are also after a re-writing of that pesky Constitution.  They want it re-written in what they call “Originalist” terms so that they can force their regressive status quo ways upon us all and take us back to the dark ages where rugged individualism and self reliance ruled the day and there was no large centralized government to keep the dogs of war and the horrors of disease at bay.

Conservatism was once mostly an honorable thing. My question is how has it been  degraded in many instances,  to this nasty, noisy, destructive, disruptive and mainly dishonorable monstrosity that blares its hateful vitriolic propaganda at us all the day long from talk radio and other alternative media sources and acts in such an ignoble manner as we have observed recently in such areas as the Budget Ceiling Negotiations?

Whatever happened to those wonderful old icons of patriotism that once called themselves “The Grand Old party?” They had the interests of the nation as their guiding light and their sole priority.  If they felt a compromise would speed the ideals of Democracy forward, they would compromise.

Some of the  idiots who now occupy those sacred seats in those hallowed halls think “Compromise” is a dirty word!  They seem to be  cold, unbend able, unyielding and, quite frankly, probably a danger to our way of life and to the future of our generations.

These Far Right Wing Extremist icons of Religious perfection are legends in their own eyes and have made themselves a law unto themselves but, even at that, they are not above the law and as soon as The American People  stand up to their extortive demands, order and decency will once again rule the land.

I am disappointed at the recent turn of events in Washington.  That is, of course, an understatement.  I understand that I am not alone in my disappointment. I will express myself at the voting booth if, in fact, I am still allowed to cast a vote when the time comes.  If the Right Wing Extreme has its’ way, I may well not be able to vote in 2012.  It is frightening! In many areas of the country, they are reportedly  hard at work to pass restrictive voter suppression laws.  Ohio is one such place that has been in the news lately.

There is no right, anywhere in the American System of Politics for some rogue political bunch to come along and pick and choose what law they will  uphold and what law they will disobey in order to win their point. There is no provision in The Constitution for special “Committees” to receive extraordinary powers to ram legislation through both houses of Congress without the duly elected law makers having an opportunity to stand in opposition.

 That new special “Committee” that was just dreamed up to work on future budget cuts is absolutely unconstitutional and I hope that someone addresses that in the courts before it can do irreparable damage to the Entitlements and put those who need help the most at even greater risk than they are now. (And, of course, this is my opinion at work again.)

As I see it and as I interpret it, the  insidious forces that I speak of here– the perpertrators of these outrages against the American People and The Constitution — these so called “Conservative” Right Wing Extremeists are doing nothing less than trying to ursurp power for their own selfish ends and that is the exact same kind of behavior that could be expected of fascists and dictators but not of duly elected officials of the greatest nation on earth.

They have got to be reigned in — and soon.

John Liming - The Liming Liberal Democrat

John Liming - The Liming Liberal Democrat

An American Man, born in 1938 and a Veteran of The U.S. Military. I served honorably in The United States Army (National Guard) and The United States Air Force for a total of seven years and three months active duty during what is now known as The Vietnam Era. My passion is political observation and commentary. My intention is to discuss and debate the extreme conservative ideology that is hurting The People of this Great Country. I will examine the reasons why our beloved America has become so politically divided over the past few years and provide illuminating insight into why I believe this is exactly the agenda of The "Christian" Conservative Right. Written in my own words of course, and strictly my opinion...

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