Writers get inspiration from everywhere don’t they?

Writers get inspiration from everywhere don’t they?

Overheard on the train “So are things any better with Jack, or still the same?” “Still the same. I’ve tried my hardest to find out what’s wrong, tried everything, but to be honest I’ve just given up.” There was a resigned sigh and then silence. Many authors have said in interviews that they get lots of inspiration from real life; listening to conversations on buses, trains and planes. Here was a good opportunity for me to do the same, to decide what was wrong ...

10 Unique Vases & Container Ideas

Ok, so you picked up a bunch or two of some lovely fresh flowers, now all you need is a vase to put them in. With a little imagination just about anything can be turned into a flower vase! The same can be said for outdoor container gardening, you are only limited by your imagination (& sometimes your pocket book!). Without further ado here are some unique ideas. The Chalkboard Vase, holds flowers and chalk! I love this creative idea!  Found ...

Cat Humor: Summer Fun Moments…

“Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later.” Mary Bly Cat Humor: Summer Fun Moments… wake up at noon I wake up at noon. A juggling cat named Pierre Liked to walk with his tail in the air. When the girl cats passed by They said, ‘My, oh my– What a nice set of  lls you have there The last couple of days have oppressively hot and a little humor goes a long way; helping us chill out a bit.  I’m an animal lover. I ...

Reflections: Que Sera Sera…

“I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” Albert Schweitzer Reflections: Que Sera Sera... Comet Hale-Bopp. When I was just a little girl I asked my mother what will I be Will I be pretty will I be rich Here’s what she said to me Que Sera Sera Whatever will be will be The future’s not ours to see Que Sera Sera What will be ...

Kindred Spirits: A True Story

In 2002 when we bought our house it was nearly a hundred years old. We’d only lived in it a week or two, not long enough to learn about the neighborhood or meet our neighbors. We’d arrived in the Fall and the golden leaves on the old maple trees lining the street were falling with urgency. Our house was close to a trendy area filled with antique stores and restaurants. One evening we were bundled up for the brisk walk home ...

Black-Eyed Susans

Scientific Name: Rudbeckia (Asteraceae) Chances are you have seen this flower. They are commonly found growing in gardens, fields and all around the countryside. Black-eyed susans are wildflowers native to North America. They are easily distinguished with their dark brown, almost black, centers with bright yellow daisy-like petals. They also have coarse, hairy foliage. Black-eyed susans are perfect for the beginner gardener. They are super easy to grow, low maintenance and the plants grow quickly. All you would have to do is ...

Health Benefits of Chamomile

Chamomile flowers have been used for centuries to treat an assortment of ailments. The flowers are known to contain anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties. There are two main types of chamomile used in traditional herbal medicine: German Chamomile (Matricaria retutica) and Roman or English Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile). If you are a gardener, you can grow your own flowers. Alternatively, you can purchase dried flower heads, liquid extracts or creams from specialty or herbal stores. Chamomile tea is readily available at most grocery ...

Soulful Sounds: Straight No Chaser & More…

“Jazz is not just music, it’s a way of life, it’s a way of being, a way of thinking. . . the new inventive phrases we make up to describe things — all that to me is jazz just as much as the music we play.”Nina Simone Soulful Sounds: Straight No Chaser & More… Thelonious Monk & Howard Minton Thelonious Monk – Straight No Chaser live, London, 1965 Soulful Sounds: Straight No Chaser & More… Nina Simone Nina Simone – Feelin’ Good Feeling Good – Nina Simone Birds flying ...

I Feel Like I'm Cheating....

I've been a lifelong Steelers fan - except for today.... I've had a lifelong love affair. Every year, my fondness and love toward the object of my affection as grown stronger - not weaker. But I'm not going to lie, as with any relationship that endures and stands the test of time there are ups and downs, but I've always been unwavering loyalty. Until today. For as long as I can remember, I've been a die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan. If family folklore is to be believed, ...

Fighting Tyranny of the Urgent….

When was the last time you went an entire day, not having to speak to anyone or spent an extended amount of time in self-imposed isolation? Personally, I can’t remember ever going a 24-hour period without talking to another person. While I’m a professional communicator and a natural chatterbox at heart, I think the issue goes deeper. The truth is that the demands of our western society require us to engage with others whether we want to or not. I only raise the ...

3 Things to Do When The Bad Guys Win

Bad things happen to good people, often at the hands of “bad” people. This recently happened to a friend of mine who lost the job they held for several years.  This person was a dedicated employee, strategic thinker and dynamic asset to their company. The only reason given for the termination was a “shift in organizational focus” which is business-speak for “we don’t need a reason.” While the individual received a severance package, it’s cold comfort knowing that quality employees can get ...

Raymond Burr, Man of Mystery

As far as I can determine, only two biographies have been published on the actor Raymond Burr, who died in 1993. They are Hiding in Plain Sight: The Secret Life of Raymond Burr by Michael Seth Starr (2009), published by Applause Theatre and Cinema Books; and Raymond Burr: A Film, Radio, and Television Biography by Ona L. Hill (1999), published by McFarland and Company. Both books have had less-than-scintillating reviews because neither digs deep enough to offer truly new insights ...

Communicating Without Speaking

Communication experts estimate that more than 50% of communication between humans is non-verbal. In other words we convey at least as much meaning with our body language and gestures as with our voice and words. That’s an amazing statistic, especially given the fact that very few people give much thought to the non-verbal cues they use every day. That’s one of the reasons I put together this infographic on body language tips for communicators. I gleaned all of the content from the folks at ...

7 Questions With an Author: Angela Johnson

Author, speaker and business owner – Angela Johnson Here is the latest installment in my “7 Questions With an Author:….” series. Today’s featured writer is Angela Johnson. Angela obtained a bachelor’s degree in Literature in 1996 from University of Houston-Clear Lake.  After working in mid-level management with a major phone company, she started her career as a Farmers Insurance Agent.  Angela started a scratch agency in 2005 and has built it into a thriving success. A key driver of that success – as outlined in ...

My Emergency Room Confession

In the ER with chest pain... I had no intention of sharing this recent episode in my family’s life, but it’s becoming such a large part – it’s difficult to avoid. For starters, I’ve got an irregular heart beat which means my cardiac ticker tends to tock when it should tick. It’s not been an issue – until recently. On Wednesday, August 29th at 6:45pm I had to call 911 to have an ambulance take me to the hospital for severe chest pain. They ...

Asking All the Wrong Questions – Ally Spotts

Asking All the Wrong Questions – Ally Spotts

In March 2011, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention issued its latest study regarding Sexual Behavior with some surprising  and sobering findings. According to the survey of more than 13,500 males and females, increasing numbers of young adults are remaining virgins longer. Here are the highlights: 27 percent of 15- to 24-year-old men have never had any form of sexual contact (oral or vaginal) with another person, which is up from 22 percent in 2002. 29 percent of females ...

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Jenn - Ludicraft
August 22, 2012, 7:24 pm

Snow Shoe Hat: Free Knitting Pattern

As promised, here is a free knitting pattern for based on the little hat I knit while up in Snow Shoe, PA over this past weekend.

One little piece of trivia: This is Ludicraft’s first birthday!  And I think there is no better way of thanking my readers than to share a new pattern with you.  Let’s get rolling.


Snow Shoe is a small town in North/Central Pennsylvania. I go there with my family to relax, unwind, and unplug. I finished this hat pattern while spending a weekend up in Snow Shoe, and I want to share it with you. I love this hat. It kept the sun off my head and my hair out of my face all weekend during hikes and excursion. The yarnovers provide a little ventilation and coolness. I want to share this pattern with you. Please enjoy!


Size: S/M, for women
Needle: US 7
Yarn: Worsted Weight
Gauge: 5-5 ½ stitches to the inch. 20 stitches x 24 rows=4 inches
Finished Dimensions: Height: roughly 7 inches Circumference: 20 inches
Hat is worked flat.

Cast on 84 stitches.


Work in K1, P1 ribbing for about 1 ½ inches.


Switch to main pattern as follows:

Row 1: *Sl 1 purlwise, k2, psso, k3* rep to end of row
Row 2: *P4, yo, p1* rep to end of row
Row 3: *K3, sl 1 purlwise, k2, psso* rep to end of row
Row 4: *P1, yo, p4* rep to end of row

TIPS: To make sure you are on track, here are a few tricks that I found helped me out with this part:

  • The second stitch of the k3 in Rows 1 and 3 is always a yarnover from the previous purl row.
  • The yo increase on the purl rows always occurs between the two stitches you passed the slipped stitch over.
  • In Row 1, hold the yarn in front of your work while you slip the stitch. The rest of the time, hold your yarn to the back of your work as you slip the stitch purlwise.
  • The psso is for BOTH of the k2 stitches.

Repeat these four rows until body measures about 3 ½ inches. End by knitting a WS row (either a Row 2 or Row 4).

Decreases for Crown

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Purl

Repeat these two row once more.

15 rows for decrease.

On all even rows: Purl

1. *K7, k2tog* to last two stitches, k2
2. Purl
3. *K6, k2tog* to last two stitches, k2
5. *K5, k2tog* to last two stitches, k2
7. *K4, k2tog* to last two stitches, k2
9. *K3, k2tog* to last two stitches, k2
11. *K2, k2tog* to last two stitches, k2
13. *K1, k2tog* to last two stitches, k2
15. *k2tog* all stitches.

You should still have a few live stitches on your needle. Cut a long tail and weave yarn through remaining stitches and pull to tighten.

Use mattress stitch to seam both sides together. Weave in ends, though this might be easier to do before you seam.

Check it out on Ravelry! 
Get it as a PDF. 

Now, go out into the woods and have some fun!

Jenn - Ludicraft

Jenn - Ludicraft

Photographer. Knitter. Hockey Fan. Nerd. And, of course, blogger.

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