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The Chubby Chatterbox

Summary: Sharing humor about life with a few excerpts from my book, Stephen Hayes’ memoir The Kid in the Kaleidoscope...

Mirth and Motivation

Summary: Sharing the appreciation for my life, and for those people and about those things that have added such depth and meaning.

Fun Flower Facts

Summary: Educating and entertaining! Information about flowers, flower varieties, decorating with flowers, interesting facts and fun stuff!


Summary: My blog featuring my Gastar series of novellas along with other fun articles/reviews in dark fantasy and other genres

Just For Laughs

Summary: At an early age I assigned myself the very important job of keeping everyone laughing.. I was good at it too! Check it out...

Yours In Books

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Summary: My name is Meredith A. Rutter, my entire life has been devoted to books, now pursuing writing as the final endeavor I call a career.

Dogwalk Musings

Summary: Mostly political commentary from a senior centrist with some animal issues.

Piglet in Portugal

Summary: Tales of life and travel in Portugal, UK and France with a humorous twist...