• Event Extraordinaire: #BlogHer15 & #BBNYC In NYC

    From Wednesday through Saturday night, I attended two phenomenal conferences in NYC. Yes, two! I got to zip around Manhattan flitting from Blogger Bash offerings at Pier 60, to BlogHer15 offerings at the Hilton Hotel midtown.

  • Oops… Apology to our FB users

    I would like to apologize for being ignorant of the fact that although The Blog Farm – A Growing Blog Community​ has been uploading posts to our FB page all along.. they were only visible to me.

  • Kick off your weekend with Dog Song Saturday here at Talking Dogs. Named to the Rolling Stone magazine’s 40 Saddest Country Songs of All Time list, they note this song…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: HALF & HALF

    When I read the assignment for today, what struck me how things that create juxtapositions often tell a striking contrasting story that we might not always think about until we see the contrast…

  • The Dinner Party: Conclusion

    I stared at the sap seeping through the white paint on our dining room table and taxed myself to think of a creative solution. Maybe I could tell Aarone the sap was hashish and she’d smoke it…

  • Bean Salad

    This recipe is called bean salad because I vary the types of beans depending on what I have or what sounds good. I use garbanzos, white beans, kidney beans, black beans and even field peas like black-eyed peas.

  • Silent Creed by Alex Kava

    When major catastrophes happen, Ryder Creed and his animals are often some of the first responders. In Silent Creed by Alex Kava we follow him to another disaster site.

  • What To Do With Older Work Pt2

    Many abstract artists work in this way, allowing glimpses of the old work show through as texture, tone or colour in the new piece. Many artists take old canvases and paint an entirely…

  • Haiku: Dear Mom…

    I love Haiku as a form of poetry because it forces us to choose our words carefully… Fall leaves floating by.. lifetimes of hurt swept aside.. winter’s balm beckons… I hope you like this ode to my Mom…

  • The Dinner Party: Part II

    I’d expected to phone a few friends and invite them over for food and fun, but Mrs. Chatterbox had different ideas. She sent out written invitations. Everyone she invited, accepted…

  • Water Logged | Wordless Wednesday

    Flooding in our back yard. Rain and storms continue nearly daily at our house. Very strange weather for this area which is usually in drought mode this time of year.

  • What does Worry mean to you? Why worry about what will be and what already is? Does worrying change a situation? Of course not! If anything, it can create confusion and make us…

  • Eat Local

    Every June here in New Orleans we have the Eat Local Challenge. Participants agree to eat food that grown or caught within a 200 mile radius of New Orleans. This year we decided to give it a try.


    Methi or fenugreek seeds are very bitter by nature. So cooking a curry directly is not a great idea!But sprouting them reduces the bitterness and it can be used in curries.Try this spicy methi sprouts curry:)INGREDIENTS :Oil – 2 tbspCumin seeds – 1 tsp…

  • Old Dog Song by Seventh Wave 1974 | Dog Song Saturday

    Released in 1974 in their Things To Come album it would be the first of two albums by this British psychedelic and progressive rock duo of Ken Elliot and Kieran O’Connor, remastered in 1999.

  • The Dinner Party

    Let’s have a dinner party and invite all of our friends… This got me thinking about the first dinner party we ever hosted, and the near tragedy that ensued because of the dreadful mistake I made.

  • Rainbow Dessert

    As Eid ul Fitr (Meethi Eid) is coming in a week or so, I thought of sharing this colorful & different dessert, innovated by me n my hubby… we named it rainbow dessert.

  • Last Stop

    Rain followed us to Lucerne, the last stop on our trip. I was upset when it started raining during our cruise on the lake. One of the hotels we sailed past was where Mark Twain was staying when he..

  • Fourth of July Leftovers

    I used the potato salad in a mock-nicoise salad. Made a big green salad – lettuce, green onion, celery and tomatoes. The corn was another matter. I used to make corn fritters. When we…

  • Tour Groups, Milk Bottling, Growing Corn and other Farm Activities

    I would like to share what’s been happening on our farm in recent weeks. . .We’ve hosted some open days, several tour groups and a country wedding at the farm. . .

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