• A Visit From the Past

    One of my uncles came to me in my dreams last night. I’ve reflected on it a couple of times today. It’s been a really good day.

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

    Every time I look at this photo, it calms me. It’s the calm after the storm and the lonely student returns to her dorm. The focus is beyond what we can see and that is truly what depth means to me.

  • The Blue Boy

    This painting, parodied and reduced to paint-by-number, has been reproduced and hung in millions of homes over the decades. Type the words Blue Boy into Google and nothing more is necessary to bring forth this image. Like the Mona Lisa, you might think little more can be said about something so deeply etched into the […]

  • Latest Work From Kadiras Easel

    We are all somewhere on this journey. Although not many want to admit it. This journey was highlighted for me by the revelations of the first painting…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself!

    He positioned himself on my copy of By The Book and looked straight at the camera. I could almost hear him say, “Okay, just this one shot and then don’t bother me.”

  • Walking On Water

    I was fortunate enough to have two solid days of fishing laid out in front of me and since it was the middle of January it meant ice fishing.

  • Creating Art

    Art touches our lives – all our lives, in some way every day. You know that’s a thought I’ve only just had! Have you ever thought about that?

  • Milking Parlor Improvements

    Cows are milked on our farm around the clock, with a one-hour break every seven hours to provide time to clean the facility and sanitize equipment.

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

    After a long week of personal strains, this challenge is the tall glass of cold water I needed; writing this helped me cool off and return to a place of calm.

  • Getting Back To Work

    I’ve been working through some deep processing in relation to the direction my work is heading. I am currently engaged in a series of works that examine the relationships between….

  • Resilient Ohioans Celebrate the Buckeyes National Championship

    It’s a cold morning in snow covered northeast Ohio, but the sun in shinning. It’s a glorious day to live in Ohio! As the Buckeye football team proved, Ohioans are tough and resilient.

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed Light…

    For this photo challenge on shadows and light, I had to dig deeper in my files. The photos are an eclectic collection of pictures taken around the globe.

  • Try The World: A Taste Of Paris

    If you’ve been to Paris, you know that enjoying a meal or simply tea and desserts at a cafe is a popular pastime. The food in this month’s box will sweep you off your feet, and place you squarely in your favorite cafe.

  • Online Security

    Recently, I was having a conversation about passwords and online protection with son CJ. He told me a few interesting stories about passwords when he worked for the Registrar’s Office

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: A NEW DAY…

    I started the first day of the year on a quiet note. The weather was not so cold, and the early morning sun made it the perfect day to take a walk on the Old Croton Aqueduct.

  • Happy New Year: 10 Good Luck Foods to Eat

    How could we ever start a new season in our lives without a bit of chocolate? The New Year is the perfect time to give yourself a sweet treat and then throw yourself into your exercise routine

  • !!!!Happy New Year!!!!

    A new year always brings those thoughts of GOALS and new resolve. I’d like to talk about that for a bit. It’s all very well to have a goal, however is your goal like this?

  • Year in Review: 2014 Blog Highlights

    I enjoyed sharing the happenings of my farm and family this year. Here are some highlights from 2014: Comparing naturally superior cow’s milk to non-dairy imitations.

  • Food Files: Cronuts At Dominique Ansel Bakery

    Yes, yes, yes! I finally gave in to the hype and headed down to Spring Street yesterday morning, at 6:30am, with my daughters in tow.

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

    Stay Warm: Happy Holidays and New Year Blessings to all! Our cat, Tangy, loves the company of humans and warm blankets. If you’d knew him well, you’d know he loves anything cozy and comfy and warm.

  • Artistic Process

    Artistic Process Well there are many elements to the creation of a work of art as I’m sure you well know. Today what I want to focus on in that artistic process is something that doesn’t get talked about really all that much, and that is the internal journey. For me at the moment the internal […]

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