• The Smell of Cut Grass

    When I was a kid we had a big lawn and the cheapest lawnmower on the block. ..our lawnmower was always covered in rust and when pushed shrieked like a banshee in heat.

  • Flip-Flop: Are You A Night Or Day Person?

    Several years ago, I found myself enjoying the early morning hours more and gradually switched over to being an early bird. I don’t know what the genesis of the change was but I can say I like it.

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: MOTION!

    Capturing motion is a beautiful way to convey a story in a photograph, sometimes even more so than a photo of the same subject in a stationary pose.

  • Kill All the Lawyers!

    I never became a lawyer, but I did fall in love with Della Street. It seemed to me that Della was the perfect woman. Day or night, she was forever doing whatever Perry asked…

  • Mild Violence, Brief Nudity

    Who actually decides how movies are rated? How do they know who should watch what and the type of effect it would have on them?

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