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  • Reflections: What Makes You Feel Rich?

    The holiday season is in full swing now, and it’s an important time to remember what makes us feel rich. By rich, I mean what do you cherish most and why does this matter?

  • New Beginnings

    Sometimes new beginnings require getting rid of the old or de-cluttering. Well this might look a tad cluttered still…

  • Finding the Porziuncola

    Like many Catholics, I grew up enthralled by the story of Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and the environment. Francis and I both shared a profound love for God’s creatures…

  • Couldn’t We Do It Right Just Once?

    Will the political parties that represent us ever grow up? Better yet, will we demand that they do? Jeb is seriously considering running. We know that…

  • Jonesing on the Porch

    The world has shifted, and for me, Christmas has shifted too. For those of you who don’t know this, we’ve recently moved from our 2500 sq ft home to a 300 sq ft trailer.

  • Motivation Mondays: Compassion

    Every time we make decisions about our goals, our dreams, and our lives, they have an impact on those around us in either positive or negative ways.

  • Free Delivery

    One day I finally decided to splurge on a new rug to cover the floor of my office. Pottery Barn sold a beauty called “The Franklin Persian-Style.”

  • Let’s Try For A Governor

    The more I look at the potential candidates for the presidency for 2016 the more I find myself waiting for a governor or former governor.

  • Interview with Peter Wells: Author of Living Life Backwards

    Peter is an accomplished writer, a world traveler, a witty storyteller with a wicked sense of humor, a father of three, a grandfather and a dear friend.

  • Some People Never Learn

    Ted Cruz and his ilk have yet to learn the art of compromise. They are the obstructionists because, like the President, their modus operandi is their way or no way.

  • Mondays Post – Important Blog News

    I am cutting back my blog posts to 1 day a week again and changing the nature of the blog to some extent. All posts will be about the creative journey of the artist

  • Catholic Bishops: End Fossil Fuel Addiction

    Roman Catholic bishops from around the world have called for a binding international agreement that would wean humanity from fossil fuels…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

    One thing I love about the holiday season is all the sparkling, twinkling lights that we see everywhere. I love driving around my neighborhood and

  • Complaining About the Weather

    Everyone talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it.. Most regions of our country are currently experiencing severe weather and quite a few bloggers are commenting on it.

  • Creative Challenge

    I learnt this week is that when you are working through a creative challenge of this magnitude, it is impossible to gain clarity when your life is cluttered with your past perceptions.

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