Flower Crafts: Dried Flower Wreaths

Fall is here! Celebrate this wonderful season with a fall wreath. Learn how to create one with dried flowers. Here’s how to make your very own dried flower wreath: Materials: a wreath base (you can use a wire hanger, if you like) florist wire dried flowers (i.e lavender, hydrangea, strawflowers) and foliage shears for trimming stems Start by gathering your flowers and the foliage you want to use. Trim stems as you see fit.  6 inches is a good place to start. Make a bundle and secure ...

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Simple Request…

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Confucius Weekly Photo Challenge: A Simple Request… Grab a cuppa cappuccino & pull up a chair Weekly Photo Challenge: A Simple Request... Fruit plate, Yes! Spam, No! Sometimes, we all wish life were simpler and that the usual minor annoyances and distractions would just vanish with the snap of a finger. I love today’s photo challenge – Simple – because it speaks to what most of us would love to do; simplify ...

Rare Bee Species use Flower Petals to make Nests

True or False? All bees live in hives. Believe it or not, it’s false. Not all bees live in hives. Some are lucky enough to live by themselves for most of their lives! Recently, some scientists discovered a new species of solitary bees, the Osmia avosetta, that build tiny nests using flower petals for their eggs. Unlike social bees, they don’t have to share their living space.  In fact, these bees live comfortably in their cozy nests from egg to adult ...

Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival 2013

The Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival is one of major tourist attractions in the Epcot Theme Park in the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida during the months of March, April and May. It’s a must-see for flower lovers! During this time of the year, visitors can feast their eyes on beautiful garden landscapes and topiary. There are over 100 topiaries, 225 floating mini gardens and flower beds, and impressive flower towers.  And course, being a Disney theme park, ...

Weekly photo challenge – Windows

This first shot is of the Gridiron building in New York, it seems so fragile especially taken from this angle. This is a detail from one of the beautiful stained glass windows in the cathedral in Prague which I particularly liked. The detail and the colours are so fresh, just breathtaking. On a visit to Spain, we drove up to Ronda and this is a view across the gorge.

Inspiration: An Abundance of Riches…

“Franklin Roosevelt said the test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance to those who have much; it is whether we provide enough to those who have too little…” Patrick J. Kennedy Inspiration: An Abundance of Riches... feed thy neighbor and thyself... When we think of abundant riches and what we would do if they came knocking on our door, it is quite easy to get caught up in our reverie and imagine a life filled with ...

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And being the romantic and caring person that you are, you want to give your Valentine some beautiful flowers this February 14th. Although you can simply and conveniently order flowers online or even over the phone, you’ve decided you would rather go to your local florist and hand pick the flowers this year because it’s more personal and meaningful! Here are some tips to picking out the freshest flowers at your local florist: Flower are ...

Haiku: A Plot Of Land By The Sea…

“Apply yourself both now and in the next life. Without effort, you cannot be prosperous. Though the land be good, You cannot have an abundant crop without cultivation.” Plato Haiku: A Plot Of Land By The Sea… If you look for me… A plot of land, by the sea Is where I will be “If I were dropped out of a plane into the ocean and told the nearest land was a thousand miles away, I’d still swim. And I’d despise the one who gave ...

Book Marketing, Part 2

Retail booksellers are familiar with a great publication called “Shelf Awareness” that gives them current information about the book industry, publishers’ plans for upcoming books, and some of the publicity underway on recently published books. The online magazine provides lots of ideas to help booksellers present the latest to their customers. It is a terrific marketing-support outlet for publishers and booksellers alike. Recently, Shelf Awareness has expanded its venue to include a publication aimed directly at readers. It’s a free e-newsletter ...

My First Video Blog and Telling a Story….

This week I have the privilege of attending the 2012 Launch and SCORRE Speakers’ Conferences that are organized by the outstanding team at Dynamic Communicators. These conferences are specifically designed for anyone who has a message, service or product they want to share with a larger audience. The Launch Conference  strives to equip organizations or individuals with the skills they need to growth their business. The SCORRE Conference seeks to empower organizations or individuals with the ability to succinctly and clearly communicate regarding it Aside ...

All We Are Saying...

I remember sitting cross legged on the Worcester Common, with my hair frizzed out like Janice Joplin’s, and my training bra tucked inside my back pocket, while joining a massive choir of Flower Children, singing; “All we are saying, is give peace a chance.” This was the 60’s mantra, and although I was too young to really grasp the importance of the message, I remember feeling incredibly peaceful at the time. Perhaps we were naïve in thinking that we could ...

Once Upon a Vasectomy…

Once upon a time, there lived a family of four. The parents so loved their kids, they wanted to try for one more. After trying and prayers, they soon had a boy – this latest addition brought them all loads of  joy. The parents agreed their family’s size was just  fine. So much so they nodded, “We should perhaps draw a line.” But the line’s not a true line – it’s a metaphor you see, because the couple decided to have a vasectomy. When I ...

Rejecting the Truth, Even When It’s True

Our family recently attended a surprise 40th birthday for a dear family friend. There were about 60 of us in total, 40 adults and the rest were children. After the collective “surprise” and dinner, most of the kids went outside to play on an ultra-cool playground that was about 100 yards from the dining hall where the event occurred. All of us adults remained inside and watched as Rob quickly opened his few gag gifts and cards, while a few of the ...

My Moody Muse

My muse stares from her holy perch, brooding, and fluttering; signaling me in her urgent, yet hushed way. “Yes, I’m here’” I say; meeting her where the elastic tension of my life expands and experience and emotion collide. With those gypsy eyes of hers, I knew that we would be doing the tango and not the waltz. But her smile shines so white with sacred purpose, and the endless sea of passion that is her heart, makes it impossible for me ...

Book Review: Spark An Entrepreneurial Fire

“The difference between try and triumph is a little umph.” ~ Anonymous I didn’t have a lot of disposable cash as a teenager growing up simply because my parents both had lower middle class jobs and five kids to support. To further confound the problem, my parents forbid me from having a paper route because they didn’t want to end up having to deliver the papers themselves which is understandable. Teens Are Having Trouble Finding Minimum Wage Jobs As such, I mostly relied on seasonal ...

Our Pregnancy Update – Week 21

Baby's development at 21 weeks - courtesy BabyCenter.com As I’ve written about before, my wife and I are thrilled to be expecting our third child in June of this year. We found out that we’re having a boy whom we’ve affectionately dubbed “Junior Constantino” and this week marks his 21st week of gestational development. As background, I work for a biotech company that manufactures medicines for pre-term infants as well as toddlers and children, so I’m keenly interested in the development of ...

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John Liming - The Liming Liberal Democrat
May 13, 2012, 11:05 am

The Curiously Amazing Habits Of The Internet Troll!

Who remembers the story from childhood of “Billy Goat’s Gruff” where there is a nasty-tempered troll living underneath a bridge waiting for some unfortunate little goat to happen by so the Troll can entice it and finally eat it?

That was an interesting story and I am pleased that it was childhood fiction because for a long time after reading it, I always wondered if it was safe to cross bridges on foot—especially alone—especially after dark—you know how it is with a kid if you’ve ever been one.

But there are real Troll-Types and they are not fictional and they are alive today and they may be waiting for you on, of all places, the Internet—especially if you are an online writer, journalist or blogger.

The Trolls I am speaking of here are probably not those green, hair-covered mythical creatures—the stuff that Fairy Tales are made of—(Even though some of them might look like that…who knows?)—but today’s “Trolls” seem to share certain basic personality traits with those beings…at least in my personal opinion which is just that and nothing more…an opinion!

Other places Trolls love to lurk are on those popular “Forum” sites where people go to express their opinions about various subjects. If you have ever visited a public “Forum” Internet Site, chances are you have encountered Trolls plying their skills to inflame conversations.

You can usually spot an Internet Troll because they sometimes like to “Attach” themselves to virtually everything you write and, most likely, will make it their business to visit almost every single item you publish and leave long, argumentative rebuttals to everything you have to say in what you have written.

The Troll loves to use inflammatory and disruptive language and often seems to be insanely overcome with joy whenever someone tries to argue back.  The Troll likes to pick a verbal fight and seems always to be filled with some kind of nasty childish delight when someone responds to one of it’s sometimes really lengthy diatribes.  Trolls love to leave long comments on your articles—really long comments that might tend to absolutely tire or wear out those unlucky enough to try to read them and make any sense out of them.

I remember this one persistent Troll that attached to “The Liming Liberal Democrat” blog—this Troll would come on with a standard greeting, “Well, Mr. Liming…once again your ignorance is breathtaking to behold…”

After this, the Troll would spend about 5 or ten lengthy paragraphs explaining to me how that if only I would listen to what he, she or it (As the case may have been)  had to teach the world about whatever the subject being responded to was, I “Might” learn something.  The Troll presupposed, I guess, that everyone was less learned than itself or was totally “Ignorant” without whatever “Light the Troll had to share.

This Troll worked very hard to convince me how that whatever I was writing was nothing but drivel or “Garbage” and how uninformed I was on almost everything and that I was an embarrassment to really “Hip,” In-Tune and Intellectual people like whoever this Troll was…and after awhile, it became the same old song and dance whenever this individual would make an appearance—which was on almost everything I would publish to The Web.

And this approach that I am describing here is not unique to myself or to Trolls in general.  They all seem to act pretty much in the same manner and fashion and there are numerous articles all over The Internet describing them and telling people how to deal with them.

I just thought I would share a little this morning because this is a fascinating subject with me and I just know, in my heart, that there are others out there who share my interest in such things.

The impression Trolls try to leave with their victims is “Reasonableness” as far as I can tell.  It seems to me sometimes like their entire plea is “Please…be reasonable and see things my way because your way absolutely is wrong on every count…I am the expert…I am the brain…I have all the answers…listen to me!”

I have discovered Trolls seem to take great pleasure in proving to you, themselves and anyone who will listen that whatever you write is total and absolute nonsense and worthy of completely ignoring while everything they present is to be accepted as Gospel Truth.

Troll responses to articles can sometimes contain almost as many (And often more) words than the article they are responding to. Troll responses sometimes try to look authoritative and extremely Academic as if they might have been composed by some really astute intellectuals or something, but it doesn’t take many people—myself included—very long to see through the static and realize that words by themselves do not an intellectual argument make! I call this Trollish tendency “Faux Intellectualism.”

It sometimes seems like the Trolls are always there because it seems like they make sure they never miss a chance to come onto some one’s written pieces and start running their mouths.  I don’t know whether it is a game they like to play or a sickness that plagues them. The fact is they are real, they seem to be everywhere waiting to pounce and they are generally well-recognized and described by the Internet Community.

Trolls seem to never get done blasting  away at some point of criticism they want to get across.  They cannot be reasoned with, they are never conciliatory and they sometimes love to engage in insulting comments about authors.  I have had them come onto my blogs and call me names, tell me to make sure I remember not to mix my medications with alcohol, to inform me how sorry they are because I am stupid and all kinds of things that are apparently meant to insult, demean, degrade and embarrass me in front of whoever might want to read what I have written.

When they are not being insulting, many of them are engaged in endless challenges to the veracity of whatever you have written. They seem to constantly demand “More Proof” or “Substantiated” evidence to back up anything that you have written that they want to make an issue about and if you make the mistake of trying to give them the “Evidence” they demanded, it is never good enough or from an appropriate source or it has been “Revised” or “Tampered” with—no amount of effort you put forth to try and satisfy a Troll with “Facts” or “Evidence” is ever going to get the job done…they love to cause people to waste time…whatever is presented to them is fertile ground for attack.  Trying to deal with a Troll as if one would deal with a normal individual is a total waste of time and effort.

Trolls have been known to be so intrusive and downright unkind and nasty that they have caused some Internet Bloggers and other Journal Writers to lock the comments out of their work entirely.

If you make the mistake of calling a Troll out, they sometimes suddenly become all innocent and defensive and inform you that all they are doing is expressing an opposing opinion that is contrary to your own (To which they are entitled)  and that you do not possess the appropriate degree of “Character”  to handle what they might try to describe as their “Constructive Criticism” or their opposing viewpoint.

Of course, the truth is that they could care less about opposing points of view or any one’s rights to express an opinion—they get off on causing trouble, irritating sensibilities, being insulting and persisting in their trouble making and pot stirring.  That is what drives them and that is the essence of the blood that runs through their veins according to most authorities I have read about the subject of Trolls.

Troll experts often refer to these irritants such appropriate titles as “Provocateurs” and “Malicious Mal factors” and in my opinion any such term is highly accurate because of the Troll’s generally accusatory and extremely and persistently hostile way of presenting things in written form.

I have had Internet Trolls call me everything from an idiot, to a “Sad Case” to an outright “Commie.” I have made substantial and most satisfactory use of the delete key in many instances and am most pleased to have done so because the Troll never presents anything that informs, educates or inspires.  Troll talk is trash talk as far as I am concerned and a lot of people seem to agree with that assessment.

So what can be done to defend against Internet Trolls?

Nothing can be done that I am aware of  to defend against Internet Trolls because nothing seems to insult them enough or discourage them enough to ever make them go away.  The best that can be done, as far as I am concerned,  is to totally ignore their ramblings and to refuse to respond to them.

Of course even this can be regarded by some Trolls as some sort of victory that they feel they have achieved over their victims.  If you ignore them long enough and if you make it a habit to refuse to respond to their promptings and prodding, they will most likely assume (And might even publicly declare) that they have won their point  and they will go their way probably with their heads all swelled and completely satisfied with themselves for what they imagine they have accomplished.

But I have also discovered that once they take their leave of a victim, it may not always be forever.  In other words, there is a good chance that even if they decide to go somewhere else for awhile, they may always return to take up where they left off.

I cannot say this for sure about Trolls, but it seems to be the general consensus among others who I have read who have written about these nuisances.

So, the next time you visit a site where you want to read something, (Especially if the subject matter is in any way controversial)  pay close attention to some of the comments that are left on articles that interest you.  If you remember what I have written here, chances are very good that you too will be able to spot the Trolls at work.

You might find the following interesting:


More interesting stuff on Internet Trolls:


Can Internet Trolls be considered as “Stalkers” and can their harassment be criminalized under The First Amendment? See the following for information about some who think so:


Posted by John Liming (Political Opinions)

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John Liming - The Liming Liberal Democrat

John Liming - The Liming Liberal Democrat

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