To share or not to share

Should some things be kept private?

To say my posts on this blog have been erratic is probably an understatement.  Life has moved at a rate of knots over the last few months and there has been plenty happening offline that has interfered with my writing, but there is another reason why my posts are not as regular as I might like.

Many times I have sat down to write for this blog, but have ended up not using what I have written because of the piece turns out to be extremely personal, and I have been unwilling to share such information with the rest of the world.  I hadn’t really taken that much notice of it until I started writing this evening about the things I have learnt about relationships in the last few days.  The more I wrote, the more I realised that it wasn’t going to be something that I wanted to post here for everyone to see.  Does anyone else ever have that problem?

How do you walk the fine line between appropriate and inappropriate sharing of personal information?  Is there even such a thing as ‘inappropriate’ sharing of personal information in this era of social networking?  Is the level of sharing really a matter of an individual’s values and personal beliefs?

A quick look on Twitter of Facebook reveals many people who share their every movement 24 hours a day, but do the rest of us really want or need to know what another person is doing almost every second?  Again, some of these statuses are surface stuff, such as ‘having a drink’ or ‘just about to jump in the pool’, but others are more in-depth about their emotional and/or mental state.

So, how much should I share and how much should I keep private?

The best answer I can give right now would have to be that it will depend on how I feel at the time of writing and what I am writing about – but I will be very interested to see what your thoughts are on the sharing of personal information.

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