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  • Picture of the Week #4

    I was heavily under the influence of Rembrandt when I began this painting of fantasy characters in 1985. I recently found it in my garage and decided the time had come for me to finish it.

  • The Waltzing Bandit

    Like the multiple pirates inheriting the name Dread Roberts in The Princess Bride, Joaquin Murrieta shared his name with members of his gang,…

  • A Great Reward for We who will Trust the Lord…

    When you see this result accomplished inside you, when you learn what you have become, the tears of your captivity will spring into laughter…

  • 5 Reasons To Go On A Mission Trip With Your Family

    Early this month, our family traveled to Guatemala to serve the orphans and widows in and around the village of Santo Domingo Xenacoj. Deciding to go…

  • Moonlight on The Ebro

    I remember. The Ebro shimmered in the moonlight, unimpressed by our consuming passion. We lay holding each other so tight, we could scarcely…

  • Friendships: Something So Strong….

    True friendship is like a rock by the sea. The waves crash against it but it stays steady and strong… “A single rose can be my garden, a single friend, my world.”

  • What is a Cataplana?

    Since moving to Portugal one of my favorite meals, when we eat out, is a fish stew (Caldeirada) but the type which is cooked and served in a copper dish called a Cataplana.

  • A Masterpiece of Loathing

    The Family of Carlos IV hangs in a place of honor in Madrid’s Prado Museum. At first glance Goya’s painting doesn’t seem exceptional, just a bunch of self-satisfied people dressed in finery while having their group portrait painted. But if we look harder we can see what prompted Ernest Hemingway to call this painting a(…)

  • Stuck In The Middle With You (Hundreds of Drivers)

    It was the flash of an eight-foot-wide chrome mud flapper on the back of an RV that sported the name, Country Coach that snapped me into the moment.

  • 7 Refreshing Hibiscus Drink Recipes

    These recipes use dried hibiscus flowers, which can be purchased at herbal stores, Latin/Jamaican supermarkets, and specialty foods stores.

  • We’ll Meet Again

    I have been busy working on a tender document which has proved much more difficult than I ever imagined when agreeing to do it.

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