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Gratitude: Ten Reasons For A Grateful Heart & Blog Awards…

“Gratitude helps you to grow and expand; gratitude brings joy and laughter into your life and into the lives of all those around you.” Eileen Caddy Gratitude: Ten Reasons For A Grateful Heart & Blog Awards.... Give freely Everyone likes to feel appreciated and to receive gifts, after all, it is human nature to accept and offer kindness.  When my blog buddy Deborah of The Monster in the Closet generously offered me and fourteen others three blog awards, it got me thinking ...

Why it’s best to book your own hotel room

Okay everyone, let give a big round of applause for Sarah Jane Klemis who wites the blog "Almost There". Okay, that's enough...really quiet down...that's better. Sarah travels a lot for business and one would think it would be routine after a while...or maybe...not so much. Enjoy. Why it’s best to book your own hotel room. Picture this - you have a job that takes you to all corners of the world. To the outside eye it seems that you have a dream ...

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Power Of Threes

“There are three constants in life… change, choice and principles.” Stephen Covey Weekly Photo Challenge: The Power of Threes Weekly Photo Challenge: Three Is a Trend… When I read this week’s challenge, the first thing that crossed my mind was the Holy Trinity and the power that is invested in that triangle. As I was thinking of what to feature, I started looking through my pictures and noticed that for New York Fashion Week, which ended on the 18th, the number three was ...

Piglet’s 2nd Blogiversary

Piglet’s blogiversary cake Two years ago today my daughter Piglet in France introduced me to the WordPress blog platform,  and Piglet in Portugal was born. She patiently (she is not renowned for her patience when demonstrating techie stuff on the PC to Mother) showed me how to make posts, include links and upload photographs, create pages and a blogroll etc. I missed my first “Blogiversary” due to the excitement of the arrival of our first grandchild in France. So I will celebrate my ...

No, I Am Not Dead Yet, really, I'm Not

Oh, my dear blogees, I humbly apologize for the extended absence.   My intent was to take a couple of weeks off and get the holidays under control but alas....I discovered a few things about myself. Well, to be perfectly honest, these weren't necessarily NEW discoveries. A.  I can piss away a day like no one else, dinking around on a computer.  TRUE, totally true.  It doesn't help that reading 50 or so great blogs takes up an entire morning.  This is ...

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

“Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.” Henry Van Dyke Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful for the changing face of nature and her seasons Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful for gatherings on healthy living, service, advocacy and love for others I’m thankful I grew up the way I did. It made me a hard worker and insightful to other people’s lives. Rachel Roy I’m thankful for every moment. Al ...

Chicken, Dumplings & Other Good Stuff!

Chicken, Dumplings & Other Good Stuff!

Opinion by John Liming Hey! Nobody cooked like my Mom! I am sure that everyone who reads this will say the exact same thing--- and they would be right!  No one ever cooks like Mom! Sometimes I will leave the subject of politics in order to give my Readers a break.  This is one of those times and I am going to rant about  the days of my youth and some of the great memories that all of us might share in one ...

2013 Gardening Trends

Gardening is cool! Over the last few years, gardening, as a pastime has become quite popular, especially with the Millennial Generation (18-34 year olds). Whether people are living in apartments or houses, they are making an effort to garden. To many, it has become a way of life.  Gardening is a great way to relieve stress, get active, learn new skills, add beauty to your home and help the environment. Here are the latest gardening trends for 2013: Sustainability. It has been ...

Fabulous Finds: Serveware

The holidays are quickly approaching and that means family, friends and festivities! I love this time of year and when it comes to entertaining, I select serveware that reflects my design philosophy – neutral with a pop! I’m willing to splurge on exquisite pieces, but not if I can only use them once a year. Dishes or glassware that are only used at Christmas are a waste of money and storage space! You simply have more options if you choose pieces that aren’t seasonal ...

I’m back and Ready to Write With Confusion

I’m back and Ready to Write With Confusion

First of all let me give you an update on my dad, since he is the reason I stopped blogging for a while.  He is doing much better, is now able to walk around with constant oxygen running.  He has about twenty percent of his heart muscle functioning but the good Lord has seen fit to let us keep him for awhile longer. Now on to the subject and hand.  My confusion over using comma‘s and conjunctions.  I thought I had ...

Peculiar Picture #10

I’ve become indifferent to many of the hundreds of illustrations I’ve painted over the years. Not so with this picture. In fact, I can’t tell you if it’s an illustration or a painting. It’s just one of my favorites. I was experimenting with fast-drying acrylic paint after years of using oils. I wanted to see if I could build up glazes like Titian and Rembrandt without waiting a week for each layer of paint to dry. Clients don’t like waiting for ...

Design For Change

Design For Change

It’s not that often that we see a big business get into supporting global change and conservation.  I was impressed when an email arrived in my box today, from Eckersley’s art store, promoting an initiative from Oxfam. –  Design for Change – which is a unique and collaborative online space for designers, writers, thinkers, inventors, believers and changemakers to forge creative solutions to global problems. They currently have a challenge running to come up with solutions for ways we can reduce ...

Portugal: Growing Fruit and Vegetables – October

Orange peppers are still growing in October! Here we are hurtling towards the end of October and enjoying the sun when autumn arrived quite suddenly. One minute we are swimming in the sea and enjoying temperatures of 25C. While the cloudless blue sky suggested not a hint of rain. I should have known better because our wedding anniversary was looming and it ALWAYS seems to rain around that time. True to form ominous clouds gathered in a slate-grey sky and obliterated the ...

A Floral Mystery from Space

The Ganjoji temple in Japan has a very old Cherry Tree, it’s estimated to be about 1250 years old. In 2008 some cherry stones from this tree were sent into space. They stayed on the International Space Station for 8 months, orbiting the earth a remarkable 4100 times. Upon their return they were sent back and planted. The first amazing thing that happened is that they sprouted! A stone from this ancient tree has never sprouted before, ever. This particular type of Cherry ...

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Tor Constantino - The Daily Retort

What Kind of Kids Are You Raising?

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of an online writing a of mine, Joanna Hyatt.

Based out of Los Angeles, Joanna speaks and writes on dating, relationships and sex. She blogs at www.joannahyatt.com and tweets @JoannaHyatt.

If you’d like to submit a guest post yourself, here are the guidelines.

I’m part of the Millenial Generation. We’re half kids, half adults.

Allowed to ‘explore’ and ‘find ourselves’ for as long as it takes, we avoid relational commitment, financial responsibility and change jobs at dizzying rates.

As I look around at my peers, and the kids coming up behind us, I have to wonder:

Are we raising children or are we raising adults?

It’s a subtle difference, but I’ve seen that those who are raising children tend to focus primarily on success in the now and the immediate future.

Encouraging our kids to get good grades or to excel in athletics or music is good. But what of their character, of their ability to learn from failure and setbacks, or the habit of practicing self-control and sacrifice?

On the other hand, raising adults means raising our children with a bigger picture in mind, where today is just a thread in the larger fabric of their life. It means being intentional about raising individuals who can adapt, adjust and be self-sustaining adults in an unpredictable world.

Taking a page from the example set by my amazing parents, here are three ideas for raising adults:

1. Encourage them to take risks

The more risks your child takes, the more chances they will have to fail. Yes, I want your kids to fail now and again. Failure is a powerful teacher. Your child will learn that no matter what they face, they can find a way to move forward, to pick themselves back up, and take another risk.

They may surprise you in how they handle failure, like Tor’s daughter did here. They’ll learn humility, confidence, and character and won’t be afraid to try new things, from sports and student government, to moving to a new city and searching for a job.

2. Focus on the Bigger Picture

What I often find in speaking to parents today is that they are letting society write the script for their child’s life, rather than using their influence as mom or dad to paint a picture of what their child’s life could and should be.

Don’t be afraid to expect much!

Great expectations can be powerfully transformative and give your children a dream to aim for and the hope for a future better than what this world offers.

If you could choose the BEST future for your son or daughter:

  • Would your child practice sexual integrity and save sex until marriage?
  • Would they be financially independent?
  • Would they develop the talents God has given them, growing into the man or woman they were created to be?
  • Would they be emotionally secure and healthy?
  • Would they know how to care for themselves physically: diet, exercise?
  • Would it mean living a life grounded in and oriented towards the Almighty?

Speak that over them, pepper your conversations regularly with these images, and teach them how to get there.

As parents, it is both our privilege and our responsibility to help our children understand that the decisions they make today are playing into a larger story; a story that is epic, transformative and that can only be lived once.

3. Set and Celebrate Milestones

My dad has always made a point to celebrate major moments in my life, whether it was birthdays, graduations or moving out.

He taught me to celebrate change, to gracefully let go of one season while welcoming the next (I’m still working on that), and to look forward to the future without missing the present.

Today’s youth and young adults are growing up in a society where the milestones and markers have been blurred. We struggle to know what to aim for, what signifies our emergence into adulthood, and how to know when we’ve arrived.

As their parent, you have the unique opportunity to set those milestones and celebrate them when they’re reached. Some examples include:

  • Major birthdays like 13, 16, 18 and 21,
  • Learning to drive,
  • First job (or any job in this economy),
  • Moving out and paying their own rent and bills,
  • Getting involved in community groups or a church,
  • Dating, Marriage and Children (I’d recommend them in that order).

Whatever the age of your children, whether 4 or 24, it’s never too late to raise them to be adults, to celebrate the milestones in their life, and to teach them the unique role they play in the epic adventure that is humanity.

What are some ways you are intentional about raising your children to become adults?

Photo Credit: Creative Commons – demandaj

Tor Constantino - The Daily Retort

A topical blog that focuses on issues of faith, family, finance and fitness. I have more than 20 years experience as a former journalist and current PR practitioner. Additionally, I'm a father, husband, marathoner, writer and believer.

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